Behaviour Code



“Treat others with consideration and respect”




The school expects ALL pupils to:


  1. Attend school regularly and on time. Wear school uniform correctly and at all times.
  2. Accept the authority of adults and follow instructions promptly and willingly.
  3. Behave and speak respectfully to everyone, using appropriate language at all times.
  4. Respect all property, keeping it free from damage. Keep the school tidy by not chewing gum or dropping litter and by eating only in the allocated areas.
  5. Arrive at lessons on time, with the necessary books and equipment, including the BHGS Planner.

6      Settle quickly at the start of the lesson and listen to the teacher in silence, putting up your hand if you wish to speak or need any help.

  1. Work quietly, safely and co-operatively to the best of your ability; complete all classwork and homework on time.
  2. Walk around the school sensibly and quietly and do not visit other Form Rooms at break or lunchtime.
  3. Not use mobile phones/smartphones, MP3 players, IPods and any other personal electrical equipment on the school premises during the school day (inclusive of detentions and Enrichment Activities) unless being used for a specific lesson.
  4. Not smoke or bring into school alcohol, dangerous objects or illegal substances.


“Allow everyone to learn and the teacher to teach”