Franklin wins the Y7 House Performance Poetry Competition

Year 7 perform in the finals of the House Performance Poetry Competition

On Tuesday 28th November, Year 7 gathered in the hall to watch the finals of the House Performance Poetry Competition. Year 7 pupils have been learning about performance poetry in their English lessons. Each student chose a poem to perform in front of their class, and then 2 finalists were chosen to represent each form in the final. The final took place on Tuesday in front of the whole of Year 7, and 3 judges.

There were a wide range of different poems presented by our 10 finalists and the judges were impressed by the confidence and enthusiasm with which students performed their poems. Many of them had not only learnt their poems off by heart, but also thoroughly embraced the concept of performance poetry, acting out their poems enthusiastically and confidently with the aid of props and fellow form members. It was also lovely to see how many pupils had written their own poems, including one poem which was written in Urdu.

Evie M (7Fr) was the overall winner with her dramatic performance of ‘Strict’ by Michael Rosen. In second place was Bria B (7Se) with another Michael Rosen poem, ‘The Car Trip’. In third place was Mia O (7Pa) who performed Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Still I Rise’. Franklin therefore won 100 house points, with Seacole winning 50 points and Parr winning 25. All individual finalists were also awarded 5 house points for representing their form.

Congratulations to the 10 girls who took part. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all members of the audience.

You can listen to their performances here:

Year 7 Poetry Competition 2023 – 1 Evie M

Year 7 Poetry Competition 2023 – 3 Bria B

Year 7 Poetry Competition 2023 – 3 Mia O

Year 10 RE Conference – Animal Rights

Year 10s explore the ethical dilemma ‘Is using animals for our own means ever justifiable?’

Wednesday 29th November was an enriching day for our Year 10 students as they embarked on their first RE Conference of the year. The focal point of the day’s exploration was the ethical dilemma: ‘Is using animals for our own means ever justifiable?’

Engaging in thorough research, the students navigated various facets of this complex question, examining the ethical considerations surrounding pet ownership, animal testing in both medical and cosmetic contexts, as well as diverse religious and non-religious viewpoints.

After diligent research, our students showcased their findings in front of their peers. The top presenters from each class had the opportunity to share their insights with the entire year group in the Hall, displaying not only their knowledge but also their flourishing oracy skills.

This experience served as a commendable platform for our Year 10 cohort to exhibit their growth and confidence. Special recognition goes to the winning group, who captivated their audience by incorporating different forms of media into their presentations.

To all of Year 10 students, your hard work and engagement were evident throughout the day. A big congratulations to each participant for their outstanding efforts and contributions. Your dedication, confidence, and creativity shone through brilliantly. Well done!

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School celebrates Parliament Week!

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School recently hosted an exciting and educational Parliament Week.

The week-long event aimed to immerse students in the world of politics, democracy, and critical global issues through a series of engaging activities. From a Parliament Week quiz to a creative Big Ben model building challenge and a bake-off competition featuring cakes themed around democracy, parliament, climate change, and AI, the pupils learnt about UK democracy and their role within it.

Parliament Week Quiz:

The week kicked off with a Parliament quiz that put students’ knowledge of parliamentary processes, historical events, and political figures to the test. The winning house was Parr!

Build a Big Ben Model:

The iconic Big Ben model building challenge brought out the students’ creativity as they worked together to construct replicas of one of London’s most recognisable landmarks. The resulting mini-Big Ben models served as tangible reminders of the students’ collective efforts throughout Parliament Week.

The Big British Parliament week Bake off!

Students participated in a bake-off style event where they showcased their culinary skills by crafting cakes themed around democracy, parliament, climate change, and artificial intelligence. Students decorated their cakes with intricate designs and brilliant messages on these important issues. The cakes created for the bake-off were not just delightful treats but also powerful expressions of the students’ perspectives on democracy. From cakes adorned with symbols of unity and collaboration to those depicting the effects of climate change and the integration of AI in our lives, each cake told a story.

Mussel Power

GCSE food students learn how to cook seafood thanks to Fish Heroes

Last week, our GCSE Food students created some shellfish delights in the kitchen as they embarked on a sensational seafood journey, courtesy of the incredible generosity of the Offshore Shellfish Company.

From ocean to plate, Mrs Wright and our talented students prepared, cooked, and tasted (some for the first time) the freshest mussels that were only harvested three days prior. They learned how they were grown and harvested until they were delivered to our school.

Bishops Hatfield was one of 250 schools in England to receive some 2000kg of mussels donated by the Offshore Shellfish Company, packed by River Teign Shellfish & delivered by DFDS UK – what a partnership! Thank you to all of them and #FishHeroes – the Food Teacher Centre, the Fishmongers Company for making this possible!

All our students had the opportunity to delve into the flavours of France with Moules Marinière or transport their taste buds to Italy with Italian Tomato mussels and the vibrancy of Thailand with Thai green curry mussels. Credit to our students for their passion, creativity, and dedication to mastering the art of cooking! The food room was buzzing with teamwork resulting in a memorable experience for them all.

BHGS Young Enterprise Team Ecofuse win Best Customer Service Award

Ecofuse homemade reed diffusers sell out!

Our Bishop’s Young Enterprise team ‘Ecofuse’ attended their first trade fair on Sunday at Harpenden Christmas Market on Sunday 26th November. The stall looked professional and crowds of people stopped to have a look, ask questions and many purchased the beautiful reed diffusers as Christmas gifts. The reed diffusers scents were handmade by the team who had spent time over the past few weeks researching and testing out the quantities needed to create a long lasting reed diffuser. They worked brilliantly as a team and sold out by the end of the day! The judges were impressed at how far the team is already on their YE journey.

Ecofuse are currently re-stocking their products and are planning to sell more of the reed diffusers at school before the end of term. Please look out for fliers and messages. Photos and videos are posted on the Ecofuse Tiktok and Instagram platforms: @-ecofuse. Please support our YE team and click ‘Like’!

Young Enterprise Scheme

Could you or your employer help fund Bishop’s Young Enterprise team 2023-24?

For nearly 60 years, the Young Enterprise company programme has been supporting school students in gaining confidence, practical business experience and enterprising mindset to prepare for the world of work and make a positive contribution to their community. Bishop’s has been successfully running this scheme for years but budget cuts are jeopardising funding for such initiatives. 
Students get to set up and run their own student company under the guidance of a volunteer. They make all the decisions about their business, from deciding on their company name and product to managing the company finances, promoting and even selling to the public.
If you think your employer is able to sponsor these Bishop’s students or are able to support them yourself with a donation, however small, please contact Mrs Ruffhead via our school email address:


An Irish Dancing star amongst our pupils

Year 7 pupil qualifies for the Irish Dancing World Championships 2024

What we firmly believe in at Bishop’s is that our pupils should have to opportunity to achieve their potential while enjoying the journey. One of our Year 7 pupils is the living proof that anyone can achieve this in and outside school, making them a well-rounded individual.

Eva Moss in Year 7 is one of these pupils who manage to both focus on their studies while pursuing her passion for Irish Dancing. She competed at her regional oireachtas (annual championship competition) for Irish Dancing last week. This is a major competition as it is the qualifying event for the Irish Dancing World Championships to be held in Glasgow in March 2024.

Eva danced brilliantly and not only qualified for the World Championships but won the competition! She made her family proud and this demonstrates that with hard work, perseverance and passion, everyone has a chance of achieving great things or just fulfilling their dream.

Congratulations to Eva and we look forward to hearing more about her promising future in the world of Irish Dancing.