BHGS Sports Day 2023

Hadid take the House Trophy in 2023!

On Monday 17th July, the PE department organised and held our annual Sports Day event. Heats had taken place in the weeks previously to allow for all the finals to take place in Years 7-10. This was the first time in 2 years that all 4 age groups still in school had been able to take part together due to the unexpected heat and change of dates last year so it was certainly an event to look forward to!

The weather tried to put a dampener on things first thing and the track events needed to be delayed until after breaktime to allow the grass to dry out. However, the field timings still ran as normal which meant that some events were underway first thing.

The rest of the school came out to join the PE department in the sunshine and allowed a fantastic day of sporting competition with pupils giving it their all to win the last valuable House Points.

There were some very impressive performances across all year groups particularly from our District and County League athletes and the spectators really helped to cheer everyone on in their respective events.

After a long day of competition the results were as follows:

Year 7 – Forms in rank order 1st – 7 Hadid 2nd – 7 Franklin 3rd – 7 Parr 4th – 7 Austen 5th – 7 Seacole

Year 8 – Forms in rank order 1st – 8 Seacole 2nd – 8 Hadid 3rd – 8 Parr 4th – 8 Franklin 5th – 8 Austen

Year 9 – Forms in rank order 1st – 9 Hadid 2nd – 9 Seacole 3rd – 9 Parr 4th – 9 Franklin 5th – 9 Austen

Year 10 – Forms in rank order 1st – 10 Parr 2nd – 10 Austen 3rd – 10 Seacole 4th – 10 Franklin 5th – 10 Hadid

Junior Relay Winners – 8 Seacole Senior Relay Winners – 9 Hadid

Track Cup – 10 Parr Field Cup – 10 Parr Track, Field and Relay Cup – 10 Parr

Ellie Bandy Trophy Winners (most points scored overall on Sports Day) joint winners – Libby Porter (10Au) and Daniella Okoye (10Ha)


Thank you to all of the pupils and staff for their support and participation in this event. Finally a big thank you, as ever to the PE department (Miss Cameron, Mrs Waters, Miss Esterhuizen, Miss Rollings and Miss Nelson) for all of their time and efforts in the organisation before and on the day.

Hadid win the Year 11 House competition

Year 11 Hadid pupils savour their year group winner’s treat

On Friday 13th May, 11 Hadid celebrated winning the Year 11 House competition for the form with the most house points for this academic year. From their general school and enrichment club attendance to the enthusiasm they displayed in participating to House competitions, Year 11 thoroughly deserved their position at the top of the leader board. They were treated to a feast of pizzas, some snacks and drinks at lunchtime. Their Form Tutor, Mrs Johns, is very proud of all their achievements.

Positive vibes

Spreading positivity

11Hadid have been working on ways they can build house spirit with the other form groups in house Hadid. The first activity they have been working on is spreading positive messages and trying to motivate others through inspiring quotes.

Elizabeth Grayson is carrying out research to find quotes that will inspire the other year groups who are also in Hadid. Amaani Soetan is creating by hand lovely images displaying these quotes. They have made a copy for each of the forms in house Hadid to display on their notice board. Each week they will research and design a new one to share.

Year 11 Inter House Netball Competition 2021

11Hadid take the title in an incredibly close tournament!

The first week back after the Easter break saw the culmination of the Year 11 Inter House Netball tournament. Due to poor weather and freezing temperatures play had to be put on hold in the last lessons of the Spring term and the final rounds of games showed some great performances from all teams.

The Tuesday half of the year group finished as follows – 1st place – 11 Austen 2nd place – 11 Franklin 3rd place – 11 Hadid 4th place – 11 Parr 5th place – 11 Seacole

The Friday half of the year group finished as follows – 1st place 11 Hadid 2nd place – 11 Franklin 3rd place – 11 Austen 4th place – 11 Parr 5th place – 11 Seacole

With Austen and Hadid finishing in 1st and 3rd place in each half and Franklin finishing in 2nd place in each half this left all 3 Houses tied on points.

The winner was finally decided on a Goals Scored for each House with 11Hadid coming out on top with a whopping 68 goals scored in their 8 games!

The overall results were as follows – 1st place – 11Hadid – awarded 100 House Points 2nd place – 11Franklin – awarded 50 House Points 3rd place – 11Austen – awarded 25 House Points 4th place – 11Parr – awarded 10 House Points 5th place – 11Seacole – awarded 10 House Points.

An excellent effort from all forms and a lovely way to round off their 5 years of Netball at Bishop’s – well done everyone!

BHGS PE Department

Virtual Sports Day Week 2020

House Hadid emerge as winners for the first ever BHGS Virtual Sports Day Week!

Huge congratulations to House Hadid for winning our first ever BHGS Virtual Sports Day Week with a whopping 597 points!We had over 150 pupils taking part and around 30 staff too with some excellent results in all of the 8 events. It was brilliant to see so many people involved and even more impressed to see some of you trying again (and again!) to improve your scores – well done everyone!

Final positions were as follows – 1st – House Hadid 2nd – House Austen 3rd – House Franklin 4th – House Parr 5th – House Seacole

A special well done to the following pupils/staff – – 7 Austen – This form had the highest number of pupils involved in any form in the school (19) and received an extra 100 House Points as a reward for their efforts. – Amelia Taylor – 7 Franklin – The Most Valuable Pupil in Year 7 scoring 33 House Points (3 x 1st place and 1 x 5th place). A great effort – well done Amelia! – Olivia Riley – 8 Franklin – The Most Valuable Pupil in Year 8 scoring 17 House Points ( 3 x 2nd place and 1 x 4th place). A brilliant effort – well done Olivia! – Katelin Reed – 9 Austen – The Most Valuable Pupil in Year 9 scoring a HUGE 53 House Points ( 5 x 1st place and 1 x 3rd place). An outstanding effort – well done Katelin! – Miss Morgan (PE Dept) – The Most Valuable Staff Member scoring 25 House Points ( 2 x 1st place, 1 x 3rd place and 1 x 5th place). A fantastic effort – well done Miss Morgan!

Finally a few thank you’s –

Thank you to all of the pupils for all of their hard work and effort during the week. It’s been fantastic to see so many of you involved and representing your form and Houses.

Thank you to all of the form tutors and Heads of House for promoting and encouraging the pupils to get involved in this event.

Thank you to all of the staff who got involved (especially those who made those brilliant videos!) in the events. It was great to see all of your efforts and we know the girls really appreciated seeing you getting involved too.

Thank you to Mrs Dudley for organising all of the results sheets and helping to collate the final scores.

Thank you to Mrs Fautrero-Sayer for all of the social media posts and updates to help promote the event.

And last but not least, thank you to the PE department for all of their hard work in organising and running Virtual Sports Day Week 2020. Sports Day is normally a huge task in terms of preparation and running a whole school event and we were determined not to miss out this year – even with Lockdown! Thank you for taking the time to make this event happen.

I hope you have had as much fun as we have had getting involved and doing something a little different (and definitely memorable) for Sports Day this year and here’s hoping we can do our regular Sports Day next year!

Have a lovely Summer break everyone! Stay safe, keep active and see you in September!

BHGS PE Department

Ice Skating trip

Russian fun on the ice

On Monday 18th November, Mrs Johns and Mrs Redpath took us (Elona and Grace) ice skating at the Van Hague Garden Centre. At the beginning of the session, we were both holding on to the edge of the rink as we tried to ice skate round. However, by the end of the session, we were able to skate round on our own without holding on and we had a lot of fun.

We were taken ice skating because we attend Russian Club and one of the most popular sports in Russia is ice skating. We would both love to go again as we are now much more confident on the ice and proud of the progress we made in less than 1 hour.

Elona D

House Hadid raises money for Sands

House Hadid’s chocolate raffle raises a lot of money for charity

For its £1 Challenge, House Hadid chose the Sands charity, a stillbirth and neonatal charity that supports all families affected by the death of a baby. We chose this charity because it is not a charity that many people know about; so we wanted to raise awareness of it.

For our fundraising, we organised a raffle with a prize of a chocolate and sweets hamper. The younger years were particularly enthusiastic about this! As soon as we received our start up money, we set out to the town centre to buy chocolate and sweets that could be suitable for everyone, in order for everyone to be included. We created a beautiful hamper and organised pairs to go out through the school every break and lunchtime to sell raffle tickets. Congratulations to our winner, Anna Staples in Year 7!

In total we made £50.85 profit from visiting form rooms at break and lunch.

Y10 Inter-House Rounders Winners: House Parr

House Parr – Inter House Rounders Champions

On Friday 24th May during periods 1 and 2, the Year 10 pupils came out to the field to participate in their Inter House Rounders Tournament. The sun was shining (which always helps to motivate both players and spectators), making it the perfect condition for some good quality Rounders!

With the Year 10 team emerging as runners up in the District tournament this week there was some excellent skills on show from all forms.

At the end of the tournament the results were as follows –

B Team Results – 1st place – House Parr 2nd place – House Hadid 3rd place – House Seacole 4th place – House Franklin 5th place – House Austen

A Team Results – 1st place – House Austen 2nd place – House Parr 3rd place – House Hadid 4th place – House Franklin 5th place – House Seacole

Overall Team Results – 1st place – House Parr 2nd place – House Hadid 3rd place – House Seacole 4th place – House Austen 5th place – House Franklin

Well done to all pupils involved – a fantastic display of teamwork, positive attitude and excellent Rounders skills!

A big thank you to the following staff for their help with the tournament – Miss Cameron, Miss Oakman, Mrs Newberry, Mr Short and Mr Lowrie. A special thank you to Ms Asante for allowing the tournament to take place in the Year 10 Science lessons.

Well done to all Houses in Year 10!


National Year 7 Cross Country Championships

Caitie Reid represents Hertfordshire

Caitie Reid in form 7 Hadid was selected to represent Hertfordshire in the National Year 7 Cross Country Championships held at Loughborough on 23rd March. Caitie ran a superb race, finishing 95th out of a field 182. She finished 5th out of the Hertfordshire team. The course was 2.7K and she completed the course in a time of 11:18. This was such a fantastic effort by Caitie, the course was tough in places, and she showed great strength and determination.

Well done Caitie!

Christmas Dance Show Award

Winning an award at my dance school’s Christmas show

On Saturday 15th of December I did my 2nd Christmas dance show! I was really excited because I was extremely happy with the dances we did! We worked very hard and practiced for 3 hours every weekend since the beginning of September. The dance school is called The Stoller School Of Dancing based in Cheshunt in a secondary school. The three dance classes that I take part in are musical theatre, modern and hip hop. I have been attending these classes for just over a year now and I really love doing it! For musical theatre I was quite proud of myself as I got the part as one of the Zazus in the Lion King for my acting performance. I also tried my hardest in modern as the dance was quite challenging. I practiced a lot and then my teacher said she would like me and two other people in my group to do the whole dance – I was a bit nervous when she said this but was also happy and proud. Then we did the Christmas show and it all went perfectly. Then to my surprise, she announced the winner for the award of the most improved in modern for the Cheshunt Juniors then called out my name! I was so happy and very shocked. Everyone cheered and clapped and I felt great.

From Jessica K. (7 Hadid)