Y10 Inter-House Rounders Winners: House Parr

House Parr – Inter House Rounders Champions

On Friday 24th May during periods 1 and 2, the Year 10 pupils came out to the field to participate in their Inter House Rounders Tournament. The sun was shining (which always helps to motivate both players and spectators), making it the perfect condition for some good quality Rounders!

With the Year 10 team emerging as runners up in the District tournament this week there was some excellent skills on show from all forms.

At the end of the tournament the results were as follows –

B Team Results – 1st place – House Parr 2nd place – House Hadid 3rd place – House Seacole 4th place – House Franklin 5th place – House Austen

A Team Results – 1st place – House Austen 2nd place – House Parr 3rd place – House Hadid 4th place – House Franklin 5th place – House Seacole

Overall Team Results – 1st place – House Parr 2nd place – House Hadid 3rd place – House Seacole 4th place – House Austen 5th place – House Franklin

Well done to all pupils involved – a fantastic display of teamwork, positive attitude and excellent Rounders skills!

A big thank you to the following staff for their help with the tournament – Miss Cameron, Miss Oakman, Mrs Newberry, Mr Short and Mr Lowrie. A special thank you to Ms Asante for allowing the tournament to take place in the Year 10 Science lessons.

Well done to all Houses in Year 10!


Poetry Competition

Young Muslim Writers Award

Last year, I wrote a poem for a competition for the YMWA, not realising that it was a very big organisation trying to find writing talents worldwide. I had found the competition a day before the deadline however I was eager to enter.

I had totally forgotten about the competition until one Autumn October day my mum got an email. I was chosen as the top 5 young writers in the world for my age. The email congratulated me on my writing talent and how I was invited with my family to the grand final in Senate House, London.

On 1st December 2018, my mum, dad, two siblings, my grandma and I drove to Wood Green and then took the underground train to Russel Square.

Each finalist was given a gift bag full of books and writing supplies. We had lunch and then the ceremony began. I had the opportunity to meet many authors and publishers. I didn’t win first place but I think that this was a very enriching experience for me. It helped to boost up my confidence and gave me lots of inspiration. Right now, I have already entered my poem for this year, I am in the middle of the story and am collecting ideas for the journalism category.

Why don’t you have a go too?!…

Aliyeen A 7Austen

Y10 District Rounders Tournament

Year 10 Rounders Team – District Runners Up

On Tuesday 21st May BHGS hosted the Year 10 District Rounders Tournament. 5 teams entered – BHGS, Hertswood, Monks Walk, Ridgeway Academy and Stanborough.

Conditions were perfect with the sun shining and all teams entered into the tournament in a positive spirit from the start.

The girls did incredibly well against some tough opposition results as follows – BHGS 3 1/2 vs Hertswood 5 1/2 LOSS BHGS 4 vs Monks Walk 6 1/2 LOSS BHGS 8 vs Ridgeway 7 WIN BHGS 5 vs Stanborough 3 WIN

Based on their results and the number of Rounders scored the girls finished in 2nd place – an excellent achievement from everyone!

Rounders Team – Bowler: Sophie Nicholls Back Stop: Amber Keane 1st Post: Ibukun Oluleye/Ruby Buck Inner: Georgia-Leigh Childs-Cartwright Field: Maisie Knibb/Faith Olunga-Ayo Field: Emily Aldrich/Yasmin Agodo Field: Amelia Lee Field: Kimberley Hudson (Captain) Field: Timi Onadipe/Yusra Waggie

Thanks to Miss Oakman for running the Year 10 team and to Miss Cameron for organising the tournament.


A Young Enterprise Journey

BHGS Sixth Formers Build Entrepreneurial Skills

A team of Sixth Formers from Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School joined the Young Enterprise Scheme to have an insight into the industry of business.

From our first meeting in September 2018, we discovered that we wanted to target two main issues throughout the UK; pollution and obesity. Throughout this rewarding process, we were fortunate to have the guidance of our business advisor, Mike O’Brien and the support of our teachers, Mrs Ruffhead and Miss Grossman. This led to the formation of our company, Eco-Fit, which primarily aimed to sell eco-friendly and sustainable resistance bands, which were made from natural rubber. However, as our company progressed, we invested time into creating prototypes of an elasticated, eco-friendly water bottle holder to store money, cards and keys. After meeting with an experienced designer from John Lewis, we gained advice into the development of this product. To gain funding, in order to purchase stock, we sold shares to teachers, friends and family.

Throughout our journey, we overcame difficulties; including sourcing our resistance bands with a low carbon footprint, to ensure that our eco-friendly ethos was maintained. In addition, we were committed to attending many trade fairs and markets to promote our brand and sell our product. At the Welwyn Garden City Trade Fair, we were proud to be awarded certificates for ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Best Trade Stand’. We decided that it was important to promote our resistance bands throughout school by notifying families through InTouch, creating a social media competition, running a trade stall on Friday lunchtimes and organising morning Pilates classes for the Year 7 forms.In March, we competed against local schools at the North and East Hertfordshire Young Enterprise Competition. Through our determination and great performance throughout the presentation and interview, we were successful in winning ‘Overall Winner’, ‘Best Trade Stand’ and ‘Marketing’. This meant that we had earned a place at the County Finals, which were held at Hertfordshire University in early May. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful at progressing to the next round; we were however honoured to have won an award for ‘Customer Service’.

As a team, we are extremely proud of our progress throughout the Young Enterprise Scheme because we have learnt some vital entrepreneurial skills. We continue to be a profitable company and will continue to sell our eco-friendly resistance bands.

For more information or to purchase our product, visit our website: www.EcoFitUK.comNicole Edwards(12Austen)

House Franklin cake makers raise money for House Austen’s charity

Two girls in House Franklin baked and sold a variety of cakes to raise money for House Austen’s charity

Inspired by our school values and House motto of cooperation and teamwork, my friend and I wanted to raise money for House Austen’s charity. We baked a variety of cakes including flapjacks and fairy cakes and sold them to hungry Bishop’s students as they left school after a busy day! Members of Franklin helped with setting up the stall and promotional posters and we managed to raise £28.28!

Holly (9Fr)

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Girls from across the school took part in activities to support wellbeing and to raise awareness of mental health.

Mental Health Awareness week saw a variety of form and lunchtime activities for girls to try out. In forms the girls learnt about how our brains develop as we grow and how trying new things and learning skills is an important part of keeping our brains working effectively as well as being an essential part of our wellbeing. More than 70 girls joined Monday’s Just Dance session with Miss Cameron. The girls got to experience how dance can help you to ‘shake it off’ when you feel stressed. Tuesday again saw more than 70 girls trying Tai Chi with Mr Griffiths where the girls learned some simple moves and breathing that form the basis of the martial art. On Wednesday Mr Underwood led the sunny Mindful Meander around the school grounds. He spoke to the girls about how being outside surrounded by nature can benefit our wellbeing. Dr Bune led the Stress Busters session on Thursday where more than 80 girls tried out different stress relief aids such as putty, stretchy worms and twiddle toys. The girls measured their heart rates before and after they had used the aids. They then determined which aid had reduced their heart rate the most and was therefore the best Stress Buster. Finally on Friday, Ms Neesham led a fantastic session on mindfulness techniques with girls using activities such as calligraphy and balancing books on their heads to learn about mindfulness and concentrating on the present through using our senses to connect with our environment. The sessions were all very well attended and there was lots of laughter and learning. Well done to all of the girls for coming along to try out something new and thank you to all of the staff for running and supervising the sessions. For more information about young people’s mental health and wellbeing please visit https://www.healthforteens.co.uk/ You can also follow our Pastoral Twitter account at @BHGS_wellbeing

Year 10 Geography Fieldtrip to Sheringham

Collecting data in the sun!

Another large group of Year 10 geographers travelled to North Norfolk on Monday 13th May to collect data for the Geographical Skills element of the GCSE Geography exams. We left BHGS early and arrived for an early lunch at Cley-next-the-Sea Nature Reserve. We enjoyed fantastic views across the beautiful fresh water marshland towards the sea. The girls were also able to learn about the ecology of the area by visiting the small museum. Then it was off to the beach to collect data on pebble size and shape and also measure the beach profile to help investigate whether there are distinctive beach characteristics at Cley-next-the-Sea. Everyone worked in small groups to collect the data needed. The fact the sun was shining obviously helped! Even the ‘pasta babies’ (*) helped collect data!

We arrived at Sheringham Youth Hostel in time to unpack before enjoying home-cooked food for dinner. After dinner there was time for a walk into Sheringham to view the sea defences and enjoy playing on the beach.

The sun was still shining on Tuesday morning and it was off to Sheringham to collect data to investigate whether the number of people is greater near the sea front in a resort town. This involved a pedestrian count at different locations and a retail transect to plot the resort and non-resort shops and services. Sheringham is a quaint market town and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

On the way back to school, we stopped for lunch at Overstrand and saw the unusual zigzag groynes and multiple sea defences, which help to protect this pretty tourist settlement.

Thank you to Mrs James, Mrs Langston, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Newberry for helping to make the fieldtrip such a great success.

Mrs Ruffhead

(*) Austin’s latest charity fundraising activity in May 2019

Faith and Persecution Conference

A day focused on the Holocaust and persecution

On Thursday 9th May, Year 10 took part in an RE conference, this one focusing on the Holocaust.

The day started off as an entire year group in the hall. Mr Pandya gave us all a quick lesson on the Holocaust. The emphasis of this lesson was on the individuals behind the statistics. Often with any statistic from any historical or modern event where individuals have been affected, it is easy to forget that these victims had a life to live. This led onto an activity in which we created our own character. We gave this character a name, an age, a hobby, an occupation, a nationality and a reason as to why they were targeted in the holocaust. Each character was laid out across two tables, filling them entirely. This provided us all with an insight into just how many individuals were affected.

As period 2 began, Melody Cremer, a sixth former, came to inform us further about the holocaust and what is being done today to remember it. She was part of a programme which the school runs together with the Holocaust Educational Trust where she was able to visit one of the most famous concentration and extermination camps to exist, Auschwitz. Now Melody works to remember the holocaust as an Ambassador for the HET and she talked to us about a memorial that is proposed to be built in central London to honour victims. The aim of this is so no one forgets and therefore we learn from the mistakes of the past.

Nearing break time, we moved onto looking at some quotes focusing on the holocaust. Each carried a message and meaning to think about. One that i can recall is: ‘thou shall not be a victim, thou shall not be a perpetrator, but above all, thou shall not be a bystander’. In my opinion this quote can be applied into many situations and tells us to make an effort to help fix what is wrong. In period 3 and 4 we listened to a holocaust survivor, Hana, share her story. She and her sister were children in Czechoslovakia when the war broke out. Life for them soon became difficult as the nearing Nazi ideals were putting them in danger. So hana and her sister took a train over to England. This was part of the Kindertransport programme for children that were targeted by the war and needed to escape to safety to be provided with a better life. Hana continued to grow up in this country with a few families. Her education carried on and she went on to study chemistry at university. She has spent time over the last few years trying to spread her story. She has visited her hometown since and does so every year- even being provided with an award for her work. This part of the day was interesting and we managed to hear a first hand story.

The day was ended by watching a film called ‘The Freedom Writers’. Which is based on a true story set in America, where a class of students who were impacted greatly by their home lives, gangs and other negative factors from the outside world, managed to change against all the odds. They are taught about the holocaust at one point to emphasise that working against one another will only account for hatred and war. They write their stories down in a diary. This film once again showed that humans must learn from mistakes.

This R.E day was eye opening and provided us all with information that we will not forget.

by Fatimah Aswania, 10 Seacole

Year 8 Maths Team Challenge Success

BHGS came first in the Year 8 Maths Team Challenge heat with one of our 2 teams going through to the final in June

There were two teams from BHGS who competed in the Year 8 Mathematical Challenge against teams from other schools. Our school hosted one of the heats. Team A consisted of Zoe Gibbons, Eleanor Raines, Charlotte Gould and Elissa Talaee. Team B consisted of Erin Phillips, Charlotte Talmage, Katy Marsalek and Eliana Chaplin.

There were 4 rounds to the competition. In the first general mathematics round, the girls had to answer a series of questions in a specific time; round 2 involved memory with half of a team looking at a poster and tasked to use spoken descriptions to allow the other half of the team to draw it; round 3 was about estimating, where we were given everyday objects to use in order to estimate mass, distance, number, etc… Finally, round 4 was a general maths task, similar to round one but with different questions.

Team A were the overall winners of the heat and are through to the final round which will take place later on the 19th June in Stevenage. In addition, the team achieved a score of 191 which was the highest score throughout all the heats which took place across the country. Elissa stated after they competed: “I was scared but excited about the competition. We worked very well as a team and to the best of our abilities to attempt to answer every question”.

In Year 9, Simisola Rogers and Tegan Frampton, had also done exceptionally well in the Intermediate Maths Challenge earlier this year and qualified for the next round.

We would like to thank Mrs Dudley and Mr Stevens for this great opportunity and for all of the training and practice activities they provided for us to achieve what we have.

Written by Libby, Year 8