7 Seacole adopt a Giant Panda!

7 Seacole have got their fundraising heads together and chosen to raise money for a good cause by adopting a Giant Panda! They came up with the idea and even organised the fundraising themselves.

7 Seacole have got their fundraising heads together and chosen to raise money for a good cause by adopting a Giant Panda! They came up with the idea and have organised the fundraising themselves.

We would like to give you some information on how much this will help protect them. It is estimated that around 1,860 giant pandas remain in the world today. We, at Bishop’s, are helping to protect these iconic creatures by taking the initiative of adopting. By doing so, we will not only help capitalise projects to work with more local communities, monitor giant pandas signals and protect their habitat but also essentially the other necessary work around the world. Even though pandas are declared to not be extinct now, they still are threatened and we should do something to stop this. We have decided to adopt the panda from the WWF and it is a great organisation that takes care of other animals too.

Great things about giant pandas: Giant pandas live in the mountain forests of the centre of Chinese territories of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. Ninety-nine percent of the Giant pandas’ diet is vegetarian, and contains different types of bamboo. Adult giant pandas don’t socialise but they do confer through calls and scent markings. Giant pandas are the most recognisable and the rarest members of the bear family. They spend 10-16 hours a day feeding on different types of bamboo. They are also very courageous because they learn how to climb trees at an early age of 5 months! Giant pandas are also called Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

What we can do (Our Aims): – Increasing the panda habitats under legal protection. – Creating green corridors to link isolated pandas. – Patrolling against poaching, illegal logging, and encroachment. – Building local capacities for nature reserve management.

Why Pandas? Pandas are doing a very influential job in our world, they spread seeds around the mountains of China which help vegetation to bloom. So by doing this we are guarding our environment.

Well done, 7 Seacole!

New Inter-House Football

First Ever KS3 Inter House Football Tournament at BHGS

During the first two weeks of March, the PE department ran the first ever KS3 Inter House Football tournament at BHGS. Football has only been a permanent fixture on our curriculum for the last 2 years and this was the first time the Inter House Football tournament had been able to take place. Pupils in Years 7 and 8 had to select a team of 7 (including a goalie) on each side of their PE year groups whilst Year 9 pupils had to select a team of 9 players (including a goalie). The pupils had to battle with some typically poor weather for March but that did not deter their spirits and positive attitude to put into practice what they had been working on in their PE lessons.

Year 7 results – Thursday half (1st – 5th place) 1st 7 Franklin 2nd 7 Parr 3rd 7 Seacole 4th 7 Hadid 5th 7 Austen

Friday half (1st – 5th place) 1st 7 Franklin 2nd 7 Hadid 3rd 7 Austen 4th 7 Seacole 5th 7 Parr

Year 7 Overall – 1st 7 Franklin 2nd 7 Hadid 3rd 7 Austen 4th 7 Seacole 5th 7 Parr

Well done to the 2022 Year 7 Inter House Football champions – 7 Franklin!

Year 8 results – Tuesday half (1st – 5th place) 1st 8 Austen 2nd 8 Seacole 3rd 8 Parr 4th 8 Hadid 5th 8 Franklin

Year 8 Overall – 1st 8 Seacole 2nd 8 Austen 3rd 8 Hadid 4th 8 Parr 5th 8 Franklin

Well done to the 2022 Year 8 Inter House Football champions – 8 Seacole!

Year 9 results – Tuesday half (1st – 5th place) 1st 9 Austen 2nd 9 Parr 3rd 9 Franklin 4th 9 Seacole 5th 9 Hadid

Friday half (1st – 5th place) 1st 9 Parr 2nd 9 Hadid 3rd 9 Franklin 4th 9 Austen 5th 9 Seacole

Year 9 Overall – 1st 9 Parr 2nd 9 Austen 3rd 9 Hadid 4th 9 Franklin 5th 9 Seacole

Well done to the 2022 Year 9 Inter House Football champions – 9 Parr!

Firstly, well done to all of the pupils who took part and also those who helped support their forms/houses with such a supportive and positive atmosphere.

Secondly, a big thank you to the Year 10 Sports Leaders groups who helped to lead the tournament for the Year 10 pupils.

Lastly, thank you to the PE department for planning and organising the tournament for Key Stage 3.

Virtual Sports Day Week 2020

House Hadid emerge as winners for the first ever BHGS Virtual Sports Day Week!

Huge congratulations to House Hadid for winning our first ever BHGS Virtual Sports Day Week with a whopping 597 points!We had over 150 pupils taking part and around 30 staff too with some excellent results in all of the 8 events. It was brilliant to see so many people involved and even more impressed to see some of you trying again (and again!) to improve your scores – well done everyone!

Final positions were as follows – 1st – House Hadid 2nd – House Austen 3rd – House Franklin 4th – House Parr 5th – House Seacole

A special well done to the following pupils/staff – – 7 Austen – This form had the highest number of pupils involved in any form in the school (19) and received an extra 100 House Points as a reward for their efforts. – Amelia Taylor – 7 Franklin – The Most Valuable Pupil in Year 7 scoring 33 House Points (3 x 1st place and 1 x 5th place). A great effort – well done Amelia! – Olivia Riley – 8 Franklin – The Most Valuable Pupil in Year 8 scoring 17 House Points ( 3 x 2nd place and 1 x 4th place). A brilliant effort – well done Olivia! – Katelin Reed – 9 Austen – The Most Valuable Pupil in Year 9 scoring a HUGE 53 House Points ( 5 x 1st place and 1 x 3rd place). An outstanding effort – well done Katelin! – Miss Morgan (PE Dept) – The Most Valuable Staff Member scoring 25 House Points ( 2 x 1st place, 1 x 3rd place and 1 x 5th place). A fantastic effort – well done Miss Morgan!

Finally a few thank you’s –

Thank you to all of the pupils for all of their hard work and effort during the week. It’s been fantastic to see so many of you involved and representing your form and Houses.

Thank you to all of the form tutors and Heads of House for promoting and encouraging the pupils to get involved in this event.

Thank you to all of the staff who got involved (especially those who made those brilliant videos!) in the events. It was great to see all of your efforts and we know the girls really appreciated seeing you getting involved too.

Thank you to Mrs Dudley for organising all of the results sheets and helping to collate the final scores.

Thank you to Mrs Fautrero-Sayer for all of the social media posts and updates to help promote the event.

And last but not least, thank you to the PE department for all of their hard work in organising and running Virtual Sports Day Week 2020. Sports Day is normally a huge task in terms of preparation and running a whole school event and we were determined not to miss out this year – even with Lockdown! Thank you for taking the time to make this event happen.

I hope you have had as much fun as we have had getting involved and doing something a little different (and definitely memorable) for Sports Day this year and here’s hoping we can do our regular Sports Day next year!

Have a lovely Summer break everyone! Stay safe, keep active and see you in September!

BHGS PE Department

House Seacole £1 Challenge

Teachers enter the jungle for Herts Young Homeless (House Seacole)

The charity House Seacole chose to raise money for was Herts Young Homeless, because members of our team had friends or knew other young people in the area who had been affected by homelessness. The charity is also very local and small, so we believed any funds raised would be extremely beneficial to our local area.

In order to raise money for our chosen charity, we first organised a “ I’m a teacher, get me out of here” event, in which a range of teachers took part in bushtucker trials for the entertainment of younger years in school. Mr Dudley and Mrs Redpath became King and Queen of Bishop’s, after both winning their respective challenges and being voted for by the crowd. We charged money for entry in order to make money for our charity. Our second fundraising scheme involved contacting the charity for money boxes, t-shirts and wristbands. We then spread awareness in different locations around Hatfield, collecting money and informing members of the public about the aims of our charity.

These two activities were successful and in total we managed to raise £80 for Herts Young Homeless. We hope this will help the charity grow in our local area and make a difference to our community.

Dance World Cup 2019 Medallist

BHGS pupil and her team bring back two bronze medals from Portugal Dance World Cup 2019

I started dance classes when I was six with ballet, tap and musical theatre and I loved it. It’s a really good chance to meet new friends and compete in festivals. I continued with these classes but now also do jazz, modern and contemporary but most recently got my first pointe shoes! Dancing teaches you more than just how to move to music. I have learned to be really organised and train hard as well as learned how to work with others and be really disciplined. I have great teachers at North Star Academy who understand how to help me succeed and have developed my confidence over the years. It was amazing to have qualified for Team England at the Dance World Cup and it was an incredible experience to perform in Portugal with so many dancers from all over the world. Coming home with two bronze medals from my groups and knowing that England overall won the Dance World Cup 2019 was a really proud moment and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. In this country, I compete in festivals all over England and the groups I am in will be performing at the All England Finals in High Wycombe in August. There are dancers I train with who are just amazing. I’m not one of the best but to be able to dance with inspirational people and watch them deliver some really difficult choreography is a good opportunity for me to aspire and challenge myself. I would advise others to always follow your interest, give things a try and persevere because you never know where your passion could take you!

Shivani Patel (7Se)

Y10 Inter-House Rounders Winners: House Parr

House Parr – Inter House Rounders Champions

On Friday 24th May during periods 1 and 2, the Year 10 pupils came out to the field to participate in their Inter House Rounders Tournament. The sun was shining (which always helps to motivate both players and spectators), making it the perfect condition for some good quality Rounders!

With the Year 10 team emerging as runners up in the District tournament this week there was some excellent skills on show from all forms.

At the end of the tournament the results were as follows –

B Team Results – 1st place – House Parr 2nd place – House Hadid 3rd place – House Seacole 4th place – House Franklin 5th place – House Austen

A Team Results – 1st place – House Austen 2nd place – House Parr 3rd place – House Hadid 4th place – House Franklin 5th place – House Seacole

Overall Team Results – 1st place – House Parr 2nd place – House Hadid 3rd place – House Seacole 4th place – House Austen 5th place – House Franklin

Well done to all pupils involved – a fantastic display of teamwork, positive attitude and excellent Rounders skills!

A big thank you to the following staff for their help with the tournament – Miss Cameron, Miss Oakman, Mrs Newberry, Mr Short and Mr Lowrie. A special thank you to Ms Asante for allowing the tournament to take place in the Year 10 Science lessons.

Well done to all Houses in Year 10!


House Seacole chocolate raffle winner announced

Seacole ran a chocolate raffle in aid of Freedom4Girls, their chosen charity.

Seacole raised a fantastic £45 in the Chocolate Bloom raffle in aid of Freedom4Girls. The lucky winner of the Chocolate Bloom was Poppy-Lilly R in 7Ha

House Seacole Bauble Decorating Competition

House Seacole Bauble Decorating Competition in support of Freedom4Girls (its chosen Period Poverty charity)

Please help House Seacole support its chosen charity Freedom4Girls (Period Poverty) by taking part in our Bauble Decorating competition on Monday 3rd December. The winning baubles will go up on our school tree.

Y7 House Poetry Competition

Year 7 took part in a poetry performance competition to win points for their house.

On Wednesday 21st November Year 7 gathered in the hall during period 3 to watch the finals of the house performance poetry competition. For the last two weeks pupils have been learning about performance poetry in their English lessons, and practising and refining their skills. The two finalists from each form today performed their poems in front of the whole of Year 7, and a panel of judges.

We had a guest performance from one of our judges, Mr Dudley, before all 10 girls took to the stage. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of such a large audience, and the judges were impressed by just how well all of the finalists performed. Many of them had not only learnt their poems off by heart, but also thoroughly embraced the concept of performance poetry, acting out their poems enthusiastically and confidently with the aid of the occasional prop.

Special mention must go to our three winners. Thea in 7Ha was the overall winner, with Ruby and Jade (both from 7Se) finishing in second and third place respectively, giving Hadid 100 points and Seacole a total of 75 points. All the other finalists were awarded an excellent (worth 5 house points) for representing their form. Congratulations to all the girls who took part.