BHGS Sports Day 2023

Hadid take the House Trophy in 2023!

On Monday 17th July, the PE department organised and held our annual Sports Day event. Heats had taken place in the weeks previously to allow for all the finals to take place in Years 7-10. This was the first time in 2 years that all 4 age groups still in school had been able to take part together due to the unexpected heat and change of dates last year so it was certainly an event to look forward to!

The weather tried to put a dampener on things first thing and the track events needed to be delayed until after breaktime to allow the grass to dry out. However, the field timings still ran as normal which meant that some events were underway first thing.

The rest of the school came out to join the PE department in the sunshine and allowed a fantastic day of sporting competition with pupils giving it their all to win the last valuable House Points.

There were some very impressive performances across all year groups particularly from our District and County League athletes and the spectators really helped to cheer everyone on in their respective events.

After a long day of competition the results were as follows:

Year 7 – Forms in rank order 1st – 7 Hadid 2nd – 7 Franklin 3rd – 7 Parr 4th – 7 Austen 5th – 7 Seacole

Year 8 – Forms in rank order 1st – 8 Seacole 2nd – 8 Hadid 3rd – 8 Parr 4th – 8 Franklin 5th – 8 Austen

Year 9 – Forms in rank order 1st – 9 Hadid 2nd – 9 Seacole 3rd – 9 Parr 4th – 9 Franklin 5th – 9 Austen

Year 10 – Forms in rank order 1st – 10 Parr 2nd – 10 Austen 3rd – 10 Seacole 4th – 10 Franklin 5th – 10 Hadid

Junior Relay Winners – 8 Seacole Senior Relay Winners – 9 Hadid

Track Cup – 10 Parr Field Cup – 10 Parr Track, Field and Relay Cup – 10 Parr

Ellie Bandy Trophy Winners (most points scored overall on Sports Day) joint winners – Libby Porter (10Au) and Daniella Okoye (10Ha)


Thank you to all of the pupils and staff for their support and participation in this event. Finally a big thank you, as ever to the PE department (Miss Cameron, Mrs Waters, Miss Esterhuizen, Miss Rollings and Miss Nelson) for all of their time and efforts in the organisation before and on the day.

A Cultural Celebration to Mark the End of Term

Pupils celebrate the cultural diversity of our school at the end a busy school year.

To mark the end of the school year, Bishop’s hosted a Summer celebration which explored the beauty of the different cultures represented in our school. Pupils came in wearing the colours of their flag or in clothing showing their cultural heritage. In the afternoon, everyone took part in traditional games and activities designed and hosted by each Form and even by some of the staff for other students; for example, sweet pong, guess the card, glitter tattoos, face painting, a Broom Game and much more !!! Overall, it was a fun and unique experience which we really enjoyed as an end of term activity and would like to see repeated!

Alysha J

We also had live music being performed in the dining room. Two lively sets were played by our African Drumming Troupe, who performed original compositions they had been working on during their weekly lunchtime rehearsals. We were also treated to energetic performances from some of our Year 9 classes who shared some Samba music which they have been studying in their latest unit within their music lessons. Well done to all performers, you really embraced our school ethos of responsible risk taking and added to the atmosphere of the event. Some of your audience even commented that it felt as though they were “at a carnival”!

Mrs McKinnel

Y7 Anti-Bullying Competition

Year 7 make a noise about anti-bullying

On Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th July, the five Year 7 forms gathered at lunchtime to present their perspectives and thoughts on bullying and how to stop it.

As well as participating with my own form (7Au) I was able to watch other people’s performances and I must say: they were all amazing! This competition was aimed at Year 7 and marked the beginning of our Anti-bullying initiatives in the lead up to Anti-bullying Week in November 2023. There were a variety of very different presentations such as Powerpoint presentations and performances/drama pieces. I was very pleased with the effort and contribution of all the forms that participated. I asked to introduce this competition to Year 7 to help pupils improve their understanding of bullying. The competition asked pupils to look at different types of bullying e.g. cyberbullying and how we can find ways to combat this.

Just after Easter 2023, BHGS appointed some pupils like me as Anti-bullying Ambassadors. This new group is made up of a representative from each Form, from Year 7 all the way through to 6th Form! The Anti-bullying Ambassador’s role is to help others speak out if they are a victim of bullying, work with pupils in other schools on Anti-Bullying and help to shape our Anti-Bullying Policy to ensure people know how to report bullying and get the support and help they need. Mrs Mansfield, the Head of Pastoral Care, has been there to guide us and help us expand our knowledge for the role. She has worked very hard to train us and to get other staff to also help, so this competition and role wouldn’t have happened without her lead.

For this competition, our panel of judges was made of Mrs Mansfield and Mrs Gillham with prizes of chocolates and lots of House points for the winners and the runners up. It was a very hard and tough decision to make as all the Forms did brilliantly but the top 2 winners were… in 1st place, 7Au and in 2nd place, 7 Parr. Their performances were very different but both got the message across really well. One was a drama performance and the other was a presentation with great oracy and many factual points about bullying. Other forms also got some additional House points for participation. It was great to hear Year 7 ‘Make a Noise about bullying!’

Ebun A

Expressive Arts Showcase Dazzles

Students share amazing work and performances at the Expressive Arts Showcase.

On Thursday 6th July, Bishop’s Expressive Arts Faculty showcased all of the wonderful talent on offer amongst its students. Art, Graphics, Drama and Music all came together to present an art exhibition, concert and drama performance which was enjoyed by a full-capacity audience.

When visitors arrived they began the evening by perusing the impressive array of work within the exhibition which had been created by our GCSE Art, Craft, Design and GCSE Graphic Communication students. This included a range of portraiture, mixed media art work and still life from the Art students, and packaging design, book covers, posters and merchandise from our Graphics students. The level of talent on display was exceptional. The exhibition remained open for the next couple of days allowing the rest of the school to visit and appreciate the fantastic work on display which was a real inspiration to some of our younger students wishing to choose these subjects for GCSE.

After they had enjoyed the exhibition our audience moved up to the school hall to take their seats for our concert and drama performance. The event showcased a real variety of material including items from our Music department, Drama department and a medley taken from our very successful musical which performed earlier on this academic year.

Musical offerings included the inaugural performance from our new school orchestra who really did themselves proud performing arrangements of Make you Feel my Love and the challenging Hoe-Down from Copeland’s Rodeo. We also had memorable performances from our African Drumming Troupe, the Keyboard Ensemble and the Bishop’s Choir who closed the concert with two songs, bringing the house down with their rendition of Happy which saw the audience clapping along. It was also wonderful to hear a range of accomplished solo performances from seven girls right from Year 7 up to Year 13, performing on a range of instruments including voice, clarinet, violin and piano.

At either side of the interval, the Bishop’s Acting Troupe performed Act One of Our Day Out by Willy Russell. The girls from Year 8 and 9 performed with real energy and vigour to produce a humorous and engaging portrayal of a group of students on a school day trip. BATs meet weekly for an after school rehearsal and they did really well to be able to deliver such an accomplished performance given that they had only been rehearsing the material since May.

The Matilda medley was delivered by the cast of our fantastic musical which ran earlier on this academic year. It was a perfect opportunity for the girls to be able to showcase their talents once more, and their slick performance was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to all the girls involved in the Expressive Arts Showcase who should be rightly proud of their achievements. Thanks also to all the members of staff who contributed to the event and without whom it would not have been possible. Finally, thank you to our Parents’ Association for providing refreshments and to the families and carers of our pupils for consistently supporting them and us.

Thought provoking themes at the Science Fair

Key Stage 3 Scientists displayed and discussed their group topics to a panel of judges and their peers at this year’s science fair.

Year 7 and 8 scientists displayed their Science projects and discussed their work to a panel of judges on Wednesday 5th July as part of the Science Faculty’s science fair. Each science class presented proposed projects to their peers and their science teacher and the winning group worked on their project and displayed it at the science fair. Judges included members of staff, Alumni members and governors. Projects were judged on their numeracy and literacy skills, depth of research and overall presentation. Year 7 and 8 also voted for their favourite project. Students also listened to Dr Dayla Marks, associate professor of public health and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, who talked about her career and the importance of public health in today’s society. The afternoon ended with the awards. In third place was ‘Plastics in the Ocean’, second place was ‘All things Cardiac’ and the winning project was ‘Is food better if it is more expensive?’. This project encompassed a practical tasting session for the judges to see if they could spot the difference between brands for 3 types of food. Their analysis was detailed and they evaluated their work and stated how they would move it forward. All groups received a badge of participation and had a lot of fun during the event.

Poppy G

Industrial cadets excel at the EDT Awards

Year 9 scientists win awards at the Industrial cadets bronze awards in Watford.

On Tuesday the 4th July, we had a fantastic day at the Industrial Cadet Awards Ceremony at Watford Boys School. It was an amazing opportunity to present our ideas to other schools who also entered the Industrial Cadet competition. Our 2 teams looked around at all the other projects that were made by other schools and saw how brilliant and ingenious everyone’s futuristic ideas were. Collectively, we were all fascinated by other Bronze award projects, and there were even some Gold Award sixth formers also presenting their projects as well. They were very inspiring, especially to some of us intrigued about beginning a career in the STEM field. At the start of the day, we were introduced to three people, working in the STEM field, and they talked about their career paths and ideas for their future in STEM. We had the opportunity to also ask questions about their feelings and experiences they have had whilst working in the STEM field. Afterwards, we were able to socialise with other Year 9 Bronze competitors and we learnt about their unique ideas and incites they have expressed in their projects.

Both of our BHGS teams had created some amazing projects, including; The Pollution Bot, The Homemaker Bot and Hydraulics used to tackle climate change in the near future. After lunch, we had an award ceremony to congratulate the successes of the teams competing. The awards that were to be handed out were; the Teamwork award and Project of the year award. Out of 46 schools competing, the BHGS Team 1 won the Teamwork award! And the BHGS Team 2 were the runners up for the Project of the Year! So overall, our teams have performed amazingly during the last few months. During the time that we have dedicated hard work to our projects, we have developed key life skills, such as teamwork, time management and researching. We believe that the Industrial Cadet journey has really given our Industrial Cadets an incentive to work in STEM. We have all really enjoyed this experience and it has made us all look at STEM in a different way.

We would like to thank Dr Lota, Dr Bune and Mr Short for supporting us along our Industrial Cadet journey. We would really recommend that future BHGS students would also take part in this STEM project.

Mia J