House Franklin charity activities in aid of Cancer Research UK

Please support House Franklin’s chosen charity, Cancer Research UK, by joining in the many school activities which are taking place during January & February

This half term, House Franklin is supporting Cancer Research UK, a charity whose mission is to prevent, control and cure cancer through ground-breaking research. Most of us have been or will be touched directly or indirectly by cancer at some point in our life. Our charity awareness and fundraising Half Term will therefore start with ‘Touched by Cancer’, every Wednesday lunch time in Room 215, where the whole school community is invited to come and have a fingerprint painted on our board.

You can also help us raise funds for Cancer Research UK by joining our Jarbola event, a tombola of decorated jars filled with treats, to be held in the Hall on Friday 8th February (12:45-1:10pm). Please bring one or more decorated jars, filled with goodies (to your form tutor) until Thursday 7th February and 50p to get your own jarbola on the day.

Our Valentines Shop (in Room 216) is also taking orders for Valentines gifts which can be anonymously delivered to a BHGS school friend of your choice on Valentines Day or simply collected by yourself and taken home to treat someone outside school. Prices range from 20p to £1 for our glitter hearts, sweet filled heart bags or honeycomb hearts but hurry as our order deadline is 10th February!

Finally we will be holding a Beauty Mufti on Friday 15th February when you can wear your weekend clothes for £2 (to be collected by your Charity Rep). You will also be able to have your nails painted or have false eye lashes fitted for only £2 during break or lunchtime in the Hall that day. What a great end to the half term and good show of support for the research into cancer!

Looking forward to see all Houses show their charity spirit

Thank you for your support

Dr Bune & the Franklin House

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Abbie’s Swimathon for Cancer Research UK & Marie Curie

Abbie’s appeal for her next Swimathon in aid of Cancer Research UK & Marie Curie

My name is Abbie and I am in Year 7 (Franklin House). I swim for Hatfield Swimming Club and started swimming when I was 7 years old. In 2017 I saw The Swimathon Challenge advertised and decided I wanted to use my swimming to help others. I signed up for the 1.5K swim that year. I swam 60 lengths and raised £570 for Marie Curie. That year I was also nominated for the Welwyn and Hatfield Community Hero Award which I won. In 2018 I wanted to do the challenge again but harder. I swam again for Marie Curie but this time I swam 100 lengths in 43 minutes and raised £610 for the charity. I wanted to do it as fast as I could and I did!

This year I will be doing the same but instead of 100 lengths I wanted to step it up; so I am going to be swimming 200 lengths (5K). My aim is to raise as much money as I can! I also would like to swim as fast as I can and try my hardest. My aim is to not stop and carry on! I am very proud of how much I have raised so far but Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK need more money to keep doing all they can to find more cures for the disease that affects so many people’s lives.

I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me. My fundraising page is:

Thanks a lot!

Abbie H (Year 7)

Christmas Dance Show Award

Winning an award at my dance school’s Christmas show

On Saturday 15th of December I did my 2nd Christmas dance show! I was really excited because I was extremely happy with the dances we did! We worked very hard and practiced for 3 hours every weekend since the beginning of September. The dance school is called The Stoller School Of Dancing based in Cheshunt in a secondary school. The three dance classes that I take part in are musical theatre, modern and hip hop. I have been attending these classes for just over a year now and I really love doing it! For musical theatre I was quite proud of myself as I got the part as one of the Zazus in the Lion King for my acting performance. I also tried my hardest in modern as the dance was quite challenging. I practiced a lot and then my teacher said she would like me and two other people in my group to do the whole dance – I was a bit nervous when she said this but was also happy and proud. Then we did the Christmas show and it all went perfectly. Then to my surprise, she announced the winner for the award of the most improved in modern for the Cheshunt Juniors then called out my name! I was so happy and very shocked. Everyone cheered and clapped and I felt great.

From Jessica K. (7 Hadid)

BHGS Young Enterprise Success

Ecofit, BHGS’ Young Enterprise Team, at Centre MK Trade Fair

Ecofit, BHGS’ Young Enterprise Team, took part in the Young Enterprise Centre MK Trade Fair on Sunday 20th January. School teams from the area were given the opportunity to promote their products and sell their products. Ecofit launched their exciting new eco-friendly resistance bands made from natural latex. The bands are available in three different tensions, suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced. A range of exercises are explained on a downloadable leaflet from the Ecofit website along with easy to follow video clips. Look out for information about this exciting new product being sent out soon via InTouch. Get fit with Ecofit!

Year 12 Trip to the Palace of Westminster

Our Year 12 Government & Politics class visited the Houses of Parliament to learn more about British politics.

On Friday 18th January, the Year 12 Government and Politics class visited the Houses of Parliament The afternoon began with a specially tailored tour of the Palace of Westminster. It focused on the evolution, structure and function of the select committee system and included a visit to a select committee room. Building on the context set by the tour, pupils explored their opinions about select committees using primary sources to prepare arguments and held a debate on the motion: ‘Select committees are an effective and efficient way of scrutinising the government’. We were also fortunate enough to be joined by Baroness Elizabeth Barker who talked to the pupils about the role of a Peer in the House of Lords. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and we learnt a lot!

History visit to The Guardian

Year 12 students took part in a History workshop at The Guardian

Year 12 visited The Guardian to take part in a workshop where they were able to write their own newspaper articles. They were able to use material produced by The Guardian to research various different aspects of the struggle of African Americans for Civil Rights. They were also able to gain an insight into the world of journalism and the various paths that they could take to start a career in the field.

St Albans Book Awards

Book Award Library trip

On Wednesday 16th January 2019, eight Year 7 pupils from a variety of different houses had a day trip to St Columba’s College. The St Alban’s Book Awards started last year, promoting reading and general enthusiasm for debating about books.

Beforehand, we had to read 3 books: Kick by Mitch Johnson; The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson; and The Liar’s Handbook by Keren David. Keren David is in fact an old Bishop’s girl. Kick is about a 12-year-old Indonesian boy named Budi who works in a sweatshop and dreams of becoming a footballer. It’s about hopes and heroes, friendship and football, inequality and injustice. However ultimately, Kick is a story about a boy who dreams of a better life. The Goldfish Boy is about a boy Matthew Corbin. He passes much of his time observing the goings-on of the local neighbourhood from his bedroom window. He even makes little notes about neighbours’ movements. Until, that is, a toddler goes missing, and Matthew realises he may be one of the few people who can help shed some light on the disappearance. However, Matthew has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and everyday life has become increasingly challenging. In The Liar’s Handbook, River’s life is blown apart when his mum invites her new boyfriend into their home and their lives. River is instantly suspicious of Jason – he seems fake, too good to be true. At school, River’s routine fibs are escalating into something more serious, and his teacher gives him a notebook in the hope he can channel his fantasies into creative writing instead. So, River begins The Liar’s Handbook, and an investigation into Jason.

We also had a chance to enter a few competitions before the event (bookmarks and movie posters).

The official day of the event started off with excitement as no one could wait a moment longer. We were all aware of the fun activities that awaited us. At 10:20, all of us met at the library. Both Mrs Roth and Mrs Allcock attended the event with us. Altogether it took us 15-20 minutes approximately to reach our destination. 7 schools and 62 pupils attended. For 45 minutes, we were split into 9 groups mixed with many other schools. We had a chance to discuss the three books. It was convivial and interesting as listening to other people’s opinions on the books helped shape an idea of what book I was going to vote for. Later on, the winners were announced for the bookmark and movie poster competitions. Aliyeen in Austen won the bookmark challenge for the book Kick while Ayaat in Seacole won the movie poster for the book The Goldfish Boy. Then we had a lunch break during which there was a competition where there were cropped book covers and you had to find out the missing title. It definitely needed a lot of problem solving. After lunch, we went to the main chapel of the school to listen to Jonathan Stroud, a local award winning fantasy author. His talk was very inspiring and motivating as he described the small steps to achieve his dream of writing. Next, we had an opportunity to talk to Jonathan personally and ask him questions related to his successful career. Also, we bought his books which he signed and wrote messages in. Altogether, it was a very enjoyable, entertaining and fun day. Thank you to Mrs Roth and Mrs Allcock for organising for us an opportunity to attend.

By Aliyeen Awan