Charity Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

International Club’s summer charity bake sale

This term, the BHGS International club raised more than £200 for Save the Children, which has projects running in Ukraine and Afghanistan, among other countries and conflict zones. The students from the club, who have all arrived at BHGS from schools outside the UK, made the money by running a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed bake sale and selling craft items created during club meetings. Club member Nourya M said: ”I really enjoyed doing the charity event because it was to help others. This sentiment was repeated by many other club members including Victoria A who mentioned that she: ‘…was pleased to take part in the charity event because it was something that benefitted other people. I also had fun baking with friends’. All the club members, along with three sixth form helpers, got involved in making the cakes for the bake sale on Friday 27 May, most of which were made in the school food room on the Thursday evening before the sale. As Jolie K who really enjoyed getting involved in the event commented: ‘I was amazed by what everyone had baked’. The pupils who supported the sale were spoilt for choice with two tables full of fantastic cakes and sweet treats. These ranged from a multi-coloured Alice in Wonderland cake created by Victoria and Despoina A – who said that she really loved making the cake – to Indian sweet treats and Hong Kong street food. Pupils could also pay to have a traditional afternoon tea with sandwiches and scones. Juliana K and Heather L who both were involved in making cakes and treats, also mentioned how much fun it was to sell the cakes. It was the members of the International Club who chose the charity that would benefit from the event. All proceeds raised from the bake sale went to Save the Children and the club members were able to supplement the total from cake and treat sales by selling bracelet kits and offering biscuit decorating.

Well done to our International Club and to Mrs Neesham for supporting them with such commitment!

6th formers debate with JFS and Lancaster Grammar School

BHGS participated in a series of online debates to discuss the motion: ‘Should Jewish armed forces be blamed for the forced dispossession of half the Arab population from their homes in Palestine in 1948?’

Parallel Histories is a national organisation that works with schools to develop debates around difficult topics. Rather than shy away from competing narratives, the debates aim to seek them out, lay them side by side and challenge students to immerse themselves in both perspectives, helping them to formulate their own judgement.

Lola, Claudia and Eleni all participated in a series of debates with Lancaster Grammar School and the Jewish Free School. We had to prepare arguments that required students to examine the source evidence, debate alternative interpretations on events in 1948 and respond to rebuttals from the opposing team. Our team were excellent in articulating and substantiating their opinions. It was also great to interact with peers in schools across the country. We look forward to more debates with Parallel Histories in the future.

Year 10 Holocaust Experience

Year 10 RE ‘Faith and Persecution’ Conference

On Thursday 25th May, Year 10 took part in an RE conference entitled ‘Faith and Persecution’, focusing on the Holocaust.

The day started with an overview on the Holocaust. The emphasis was on the individuals behind the statistics. Often with any statistic from any historical or modern event where individuals have been affected, it is easy to forget that these victims had a life to live. The session highlighted how no one should forget and that we need to learn from the mistakes of the past.

After Break, we listened to a presentation by Michael Bibring via Zoom, who told us the story of his father Harry Bibring, who came to Britain on the Kindertransport with his sister in 1938, aged just 13. Sadly, he never saw his parents again. Harry’s father died of a heart attack and his mother was deported to the extermination camp Sobibór – where she was murdered.

For many years, Harry Bibring visited BHGS to talk to Year 10 students about his experiences in WWII. It was wonderful to be able to continue the link with his family, through his son Michael. Harry devoted much of his life to sharing his story in the hope that others might learn from it, reaching tens of thousands of young people through the Trust’s Outreach programme. Students wrote reflections on leaves which have been displayed in one of the RE classrooms. Students also wrote letters of thanks to send to Michael Bibring.

The day ended watching a film called ‘The Freedom Writers’, which is based on a true story set in America, where a class of students who were impacted greatly by their home lives, gangs and other negative factors from the outside world, managed to change against all the odds. They are taught about the holocaust at one point to emphasise that working against one another will only account for hatred and war. They write their stories down in a diary. This film once again showed that humans must learn from mistakes.

This R.E day was eye opening and provided us all with information that we will not forget.

Bronze DofE Expedition

A enriching adventure for our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh participants

On 14th & 15th May, 30 pupils embarked on their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award expedition in Wymondley, a trip of a lifetime which will be a topic of conversation for many years to come. Following extensive training with Mr Lowrie, they put their orienteering, camping and cooking skills into practise as they set off on the routes which they had planned.

Students were pushed to their limits while they walked up to 18km a day carrying a heavy backpack containing their tents and other items such as clothes, snacks, water bottles and even eyelash curlers for one student. The use of mobile phones was prohibited, so students had a survive without modern technology for the next 30 hours and rely solely on maps and compasses to navigate themselves along their pre-planned routes.

We met at 08:30 on Saturday morning and the weather was glorious. Obviously, sun cream had to be applied and then we were off, embarking on our adventure like Frodo and Sam ready to overcome whatever trials and tribulations there were along the way. With stunning scenery and beautiful weather, what could go wrong?

To be honest, nothing really went wrong! A few incorrect turns were taken, a couple of falls and general tiredness of carrying the heavy backpacks. Students were in good spirits throughout the day, stopping to eat along the way. Word games, conversations and occasional Spanish revision took place as students walked to reach their goal. Once they arrived back at the Scout Camp, they had to put up their tents and cook their own dinner over a small camp gas fire. They played badminton and other various sports before singing round a campfire and toasting marshmallows over the campfire. It was one of our student’s birthdays and Mr Lowrie had bought cakes to share for everyone.

We woke up bright and early to the sound of birds and rain. Breakfast was made outside while it lightly drizzled. By 08:30 all tents had been cleared and the students were off once again on their adventures. The only difference was that their teachers were not in tow but monitoring their progress through GPS trackers and occasionally meeting them at check points. Imagine their worry when one student suggested they should put the GPS tracker on a cow… By 16:30 all groups had returned to base and had been collected by their parents. Their resilience and perseverance through the rain was amazing.

The students should be very proud of their achievements, and we hope that they will remember this weekend for many years to come. A big thank you to Mr Lowrie for organising such a wonderful weekend and due to his careful and diligent planning, it all ran smoothly.

This is what what Libby P, one of the participants, thought about her experience:

“DofE was an experience to say the least. However, it was an incredible way to challenge communication skills, teamwork, perseverance and motivation. We started the expedition slightly nervous but extremely excited for the weekend that followed. As we knocked more of the miles off our route on the Saturday morning, the sun got a lot brighter and so much hotter; we were thankful for any shade we could get – but when you are in a field of slightly angry cows that’s near impossible! As we kept getting lost, it was definitely a challenge to keep going; especially on Saturday when it got up to almost 26° but also on Sunday when we were battling with the rain. Nevertheless, with the help of Hamilton, Frozen, Lion King and a million and one campfire chants we were able to complete it with a smile on our faces, soaking wet or not. Once we arrived at the campsite, a game of rounders and badminton unfolded pretty quickly, with everyone getting involved.

Overall it was a brilliant experience, and I would definitely recommend it.”

An Insight into Spanish Culture

Year 11 Spanish students discover Spanish culture in an evening of tapas and Flamenco

On Wednesday 20th April, 30 Year 11 Spanish students were accompanied by Mr Taylor, Miss Mizon and Mrs Johns to La Farola, a tapas restaurant in London and then to see a Flamenco show at Sadler’s Wells. The tapas restaurant was particularly popular, and the students all tried something new which was great to see. The most popular dishes were the tortilla de patatas and the croquetas de jamón y queso. The majority of the students were pleasantly surprised when they tried the aubergine and honey chips and obviously, everyone had room for churros con chocolate for dessert. The Flamenco show afterwards was a entirely new experience for all the students. The music and the dancers were incredible, and both the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed this insight into Spanish culture.

Hadid win the Year 11 House competition

Year 11 Hadid pupils savour their year group winner’s treat

On Friday 13th May, 11 Hadid celebrated winning the Year 11 House competition for the form with the most house points for this academic year. From their general school and enrichment club attendance to the enthusiasm they displayed in participating to House competitions, Year 11 thoroughly deserved their position at the top of the leader board. They were treated to a feast of pizzas, some snacks and drinks at lunchtime. Their Form Tutor, Mrs Johns, is very proud of all their achievements.

Year 10 Geographers fieldwork in Sheringham

Year 10 excelled in investigating beach profiles and the impacts of tourism in Sheringham

A bright and early start saw 80 Year 10 Geographers head off to Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast on a lovely warm and sunny day which was perfect for fieldwork. We initially studied the undefended cliffs at West Runton, before moving to investigate the beach profiles at Cley-next-the Sea. Equipment such as ranging poles, callipers and clinometers were used to collect data, and the techniques, methodology and results will be examined in Paper 3 of the GCSE examination series. Everyone worked really hard and developed their expertise with the techniques, so we were certainly ready to get to the YHA for a lovely meal and a walk down to the sea front in the evening! It was lovely to be able to get away on residential fieldwork, and everyone enjoyed spending time with their friends, having some hot chocolate and and good chat throughout the evening. The next morning we were walking into Sheringham to investigate the way that tourism has impacted the organisation of retail (and enjoy some delicious ice cream along the way!), before heading for home. A great time was had and some fantastic Geography research undertaken!

Apprenticeships Answered

Parents and Carers learn all about apprenticeships in a Careers webinar

This week, Bishop’s Hatfield hosted a Careers Webinar to demystify the career route of Apprenticeships. Katie Doran of Aim Group, a government supported agency to promote Apprenticeships as a career route for all over 16year olds, delivered 30 minutes of detailed information on the Apprenticeship route to dozens of our parents and carers.

Information ranged from the types and levels; the costs and pay scales; the prospects and types of employers involved was covered. Additionally, Katie Doran covered where to find Apprenticeships; tips for applying and case studies and examples of live apprenticeships available in this increasingly popular.

For those attending, there was an opportunity for Q&As – and the following recording is available on our Careers website for anyone unable to attend: Apprenticeship Awareness Webinar – ASK recording Any questions on Apprenticeships that arise out of the webinar please email Mrs Julia Higgins, Careers Subject Leader:

Year 9 Talk the Talk at Bishop’s!

Year 9 students enjoyed a ‘talk the talk’ workshop, developing presentation skills and building confidence for public speaking

This workshop was amazing and built up our confidence to speak in public. We all started our workshops with almost silence and were quite nervous of the tasks ahead but as the time progressed, the class got louder and louder until we all had confidence to stand up on our own and speak to everyone for 4 minutes about our chosen topics. We talked about how to make a good first impression, which will be very helpful when attending interviews for jobs when I am older. We played confidence building games and had lots of fun.

Zaeemah O.