Expressive Arts Showcase 2024

A fabulous celebration of the expressive arts at Bishop’s.

On Wednesday 10th July, Bishop’s Expressive Arts Faculty showcased all of the wonderful talent on offer amongst its students. Art, Graphics, Drama and Music all came together to present an art exhibition, concert and play which were enjoyed by a full-capacity audience.

When visitors arrived they began the evening by perusing the impressive array of work within the exhibition which had been created by our GCSE Art, Craft, Design and GCSE Graphic Communication students. This included a range of portraiture, mixed media art work and still life from the Art students, and packaging design, book covers, posters and merchandise from our Graphics students. The level of talent on display was exceptional. The exhibition remained open for the next couple of days allowing the rest of the school to visit and appreciate the fantastic work on display- a real inspiration to some of our younger students wishing to choose these subjects for GCSE.

After they had enjoyed the exhibition our audience moved up to the school hall to take their seats for our concert. The concert showcased a real variety of material including a wide array of items from our Music department, a play performed by the Bishop’s Acting Troupe (BATs) and two numbers performed by the Musical Theatre Club.

Musical offerings included two beautiful pieces by our keyboard group, which opened the concert, accompanying Eva M as our singer. Orchestra performed two pieces with commitment and assurance, one of which was an arrangement by Em W in Year 10, which she conducted in the performance. Our ukulele ensemble gave a lovely rendition of A Whole New World, from Aladdin, and the Bishop’s Choir closed the concert with an energetic delivery of two songs, bringing the house down with their rendition of High Hopes. It was also wonderful to hear a range of accomplished solo performances from seven girls from year 8 to year 12, performing on a range of instruments including voice, clarinet, violin, trumpet and piano.

Performing either side of the interval was the Bishop’s Acting Troupe who performed Find a Partner! by Miriam Battye. The students from years 7 to 10 performed with real energy and vigour to produce an engaging portrayal of finding love in today’s world of reality TV. BATs meet weekly for an after school rehearsal and have been working on this performance since September 2023.

An exciting performance of Ex-Wives, from Six, and I know it’s Today from Shrek the Musical were delivered by our Musical Theatre Club. It was a perfect opportunity for the girls to be able to showcase their talents which they did with both commitment and enthusiasm. Mrs James was very proud of their performance on the night.

Congratulations to all the girls involved in the Expressive Arts Showcase 2024 who should be rightly proud of their achievements. It was fantastic to see so many students, over 180, involved in this event, showing what a vibrant and busy faculty the Expressive Arts Faculty is. Thanks also to all the members of staff who contributed to the event and without whom it would not have been possible.

Sports Day 2024

House Hadid retain the Sports Day trophy for a 2nd year in a row!

On Monday 8th July, the PE Department organised our annual Sports Day supporting by staff across the whole school. We kept our fingers crossed for good weather as it looked to be the only day this week where it could be held and luckily, the rain held off (…..just!) to allow the competition to take place in full.

Sports Day Heats for Years 7-9 last week and with the Year 10 Heats taking place a month ago, before their exams, pupils were ready and raring to go to represent their Form/House and earn some valuable House Points ahead of the end of the academic year next week.

There were some very impressive performances across all year groups particularly from our District and County League athletes and the spectators really helped to cheer everyone on in their respective events.

After a tough day of competition, the results were as follows:

Year Winners ( in place order) Year 7 – * Joint 1st Place – 7 Seacole and 7 Parr * 3rd Place – 7 Austen * 4th Place – 7 Hadid * 5th Place – 7 Franklin

Year 8 * 1st Place – 8 Hadid * 2nd Place – 8 Parr * 3rd Place – 8 Austen * 4th Pace – 8 Franklin * 5th Place – 8 Seacole

Year 9 * 1st Place – 9 Hadid * 2nd Place – 9 Seacole * 3rd Place – 9 Franklin * 4th Place – 9 Parr * 5th Place – 9 Austen

Year 10 * 1st Place – 10 Seacole * 2nd Place – 10 Hadid * 3rd Place – 10 Franklin * 4th Place – 10 Austen * 5th Place – 10 Parr

Junior Relay Winners – 8 Hadid

Joint Senior Relay Winners – 10 Hadid and 10 Seacole

Track Cup – 8 Austen

Field Cup – 8 Hadid

Track and Field Cup – 8 Hadid

Ellie Bandy Trophy Winners (most points scored overall on Sports Day) – Arabella Ashby (10Hadid) Finished 1st place in the Year 10 High Jump, Year 10 Discus and was part of the Year 10 Hadid A Team Relay Team.


Thank you to all of the pupils and staff for their support and participation in this event. Finally a big thank you, as ever to the PE department (Miss Cameron, Mrs Waters, Miss Nelson and Miss Rollings) for all of their time and efforts in the organisation before and on the day.

Juniors in the Hertfordshire Athletics County Cup Final 2024

Excellent effort from the Junior Athletics team in the County Cup Final 2024

After finishing 1st in our half of the County League in 2 of the 6 rounds this year and with some outstanding results in the other 4 rounds, the Junior Athletics team went one better and qualified for the County Athletics Cup Final.

This involved the top 1st- 8th placed schools in Hertfordshire and included some strong opposition including teams from Sandringham, Queenswood, Dame Alice Owens, Berkhamsted, Parmiters, St Michaels and Roundwood Park.

This team was a mix of Year 7 and Year 8 pupils, some who are brand new to the team this year and some who had County League experience from last year.

Particular mentions go to the following pupils – Bella M- 1st in the U14 Girls Long Jump with new Personal Best of 4.49m Favour N – 1st in the U14 Girls 300m with a time of 45.40 Isobel L – 2nd in the U14 Girls 800m with time a of 02:38 Aariya D – 3rd in the U14 Girls High Jump with a score of 1.28m

These results meant that the Junior team finished in joint 6th place alongside Sandringham School – a great achievement!

A big thank you and well done to everyone who has represented the Junior Athletics team this season – a fantastic season which definitely bodes well for the future!

A big thank you to Miss Cameron, Miss Nelson and Miss Rollings for all of their help with the Athletics this year.

Finally, a special thank you and goodbye to Mrs Waters who is leaving BHGS at the end of the year to enter retirement. Mrs Waters has been instrumental in the continued success and development of countless pupils across the Junior and Senior Athletics team as well as leading our Year 7 Indoor Athletics team to first place 11 years in a row plus our Year 7s to County Indoor Champions this year as well!

As a department, we have been extremely lucky and grateful to be able to ask your advice and utilise your extensive knowledge to support pupils of all abilities. It’s been a pleasure to be on all of the many late night and all day Athletics fixtures across your time here.

Good luck for the future Mrs Waters and come and visit us soon!!

BHGS Engineers of the Future

BHGS Year 9s excelled by completing their Bronze Industrial Cadets Programme over a twelve week period.

BHGS Engineers of the Future

On Monday 24th June, Bishop’s 2 teams, the Innovators and Medtech, delivered their projects at a celebration and Awards event hosted by the Engineering Development Trust at Watford Boys’ Grammar School. We set up our stands showing our projects, with our models, portfolios and research we had done over the past 12 weeks.

Through the Industrial Cadets scheme, we were able to learn many skills such as public speaking amongst others. This allowed us to confidently express our ideas and opinions and back it up with the weeks of research we had done. All valuable skills for our futures!

Both teams found that going to the celebration event was a really motivating and interesting experience. As participants, mentors, and business partners gathered to honour the Industrial Cadets achievements and hard work, the venue was humming with enthusiasm. The host of the event greeted everyone warmly and talked about the importance of supporting future talent, as well as the impact of the Industrial Cadets programmes on engineering and inspiring interest in STEM in the participants.

Throughout the day, we were introduced to some of the 2024 sponsors of Industrial Cadets. They gave a variety of talks and helped us to work out whether we wanted to pursue a career in STEM and how to achieve our goals. More importantly, the message that came across was that it was alright to fail at something- all you do is dust yourself off and move on.

We mingled around the venue, taking it in turn to see other schools’ presentations whilst presenting our own ideas. We swapped after about twenty minutes so we could each have an equal time explaining our project too.

As it was a very hot day, we enjoyed lunch on the balcony watching a cricket match between the MCC and Watford Boys’. Very relaxing and civilised. Dr Lota and Mr Short enjoyed this too, especially explaining the weird nuances of cricket!

Furthermore, the event provided many possibilities for networking, enabling participants to connect with industry leaders, employers, and peers. These discussions encouraged participants to feel friendly with one another and to share knowledge. Our group loved the chance to talk with others who share our enthusiasm for engineering and creativity. The best aspect was the project exhibitions. Observing the diverse variety of projects that people around us had completed gave us a comprehensive awareness of emerging trends and existing industry practices. Our understanding of the real-world uses of theoretical knowledge has been improved. Through conversations, we were able to enhance our communication and presentation skills during the event. By explaining our projects to visitors and answering their questions, we improved our ability to convey sophisticated technical knowledge in an understandable way.

Finally, we sat down as a school, ready to hear the results. Three awards were on offer and both of our teams came runners up. One of us even won the Best Project of the Year. The Innovators were runners-up for the Innovative Project Award and Medtech was runner-up for Best Teamwork Award. Medtech, to our delight and excitement, won the Best Project of the Year Award in London and South East out of forty-nine participants! The citation of this award read as:

“This was an outstanding report and presentation. The team conducted comprehensive research, which gave them a great platform from which to develop their project. The presentation was delivered confidently and professionally, clearly demonstrating the great team dynamics that existed within the team. All team members showed an exceptional passion for the project and the assessors commented that the success of the team was a result of how well they worked together. All assessors were unanimous in nominating this team for the project of the year award.”

Our two Bishops teams did extremely well and were both very proud of what we all had achieved throughout our twelve week program. We came away inspired and enriched. We gained critical communication skills, and we learned valuable details about standards in the industry. The support and encouragement we have received, together with the sense of community, have increased our desire to create and succeed. We are ecstatic to have had this opportunity to contribute to the future of engineering. We wear our Bronze Industrial Cadets badged with pride.

We all would like to thank Dr Lota and Mr Short for their time, advice and encouragement. We would also like to thank Barhale Construction for their sponsorship, mentoring and for keeping us motivated.

Haniya K and Martha C (Year 9  Industrial Cadets 2023-24)

Inspirational Eco Teen

Alice is awarded ‘Inspirational Eco Teen’ 2024

Nomination for Alice Pinto for Inspirational Eco Teen for the ‘Little Green Change’ magazine:

Alice is a valued member of the Green Club since she joined Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School 2 years ago. Alice has attended every weekly meeting, no matter what the weather, rain, snow or sunshine. She loves to care for the environment and look after the school garden area. We can always depend on Alice turning up and getting stuck in and have a go with no fuss whatsoever, whether the job be clearing the nature pond (a rather smelly and cold job, I must say); planting spring flowering bulbs for the first insects of the year, in the pouring rain; or working inside making bird feeders or nest boxes, we can always count on Alice being there and giving 100%. She loves sowing vegetable seeds, caring for the seedlings and planting them out to grow beautiful courgettes, peppers and tomatoes, as she is strongly aware of the need for food security and sourcing food locally to reduce the carbon footprint and take a small action to reduce the impact of climate change.

Over the past 2 years in the Green Club Alice has taken part in many of our projects including the upkeep of our gardens, always keeping in mind the benefits for our local wildlife, as well as looking good for our community, building and looking after hedgehog houses, bird feeders, bird nest boxes and our very popular bug hotel (Bishop’s Bugs). She is also passionate about the upkeep and improvement of our nature garden (some may say bramble patch), but Alice can see the larger picture of the enormous benefits this little area has, not only to our school, but also to Hatfield in general.

Alice recently took a lead role in a joint international project with partner schools in Poland and Northern Ireland, highlighting the need to reduce food waste and how to reuse leftover food. She came up with the snappy headline ‘Bringing Leftovers to Life’. Her passion for conserving resources and protecting and conserving the environment was infectious and she led a group of her peers in pitching the group’s ideas on producing an educational e-book. This is a lovely example of Alice taking a small action to combat climate change and persuading her peers to do the same!

Alice also has an appreciation of the larger national and global scale and the importance of caring for the environment and considering how she and her peers can make a difference to combat climate change. She attended a KS3 Climate Change Summit at the University of Herts on 11/6/24 and contributed some excellent ideas on developing public transport so that our country reduces its dependence on fossil fuels and work towards the move to renewable energy alternatives.

Alice has to prioritise her time so that she can devote time to green issues as well as school work and leisure time. This can be a challenge, but her passion spurs others on and she is a fantastic inspiration to her peers!

Year 8 History Trip to WW1 Battlefields

Exploring the Legacy of WW1: A Journey Through the Battlefields of Belgium and France

On 7th-8th June, Year 8 pupils experienced a deeply moving and educational trip to the battlefields of World War I in Belgium and France. They had the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of soldiers who fought and died over a century ago, visiting some of the most significant sites of the Great War.

Our journey began in Belgium, where we explored the Ypres Salient. Our first stop was Bedford House Cemetery, a tranquil resting place for thousands of soldiers from the Commonwealth. The sight of row upon row of pristine white headstones was a poignant reminder of the scale of the sacrifice made by so many. At the Passchendaele Memorial Museum, we gained an insight into the soldiers’ experiences through artefacts, exhibits and the recreated trench system.

The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing left a lasting impression on us all, with its nightly Last Post Ceremony serving as a solemn tribute to the fallen. This memorial stands as a powerful reminder of the soldiers from the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations who have no known grave.

Traveling to northern France, we visited several key sites in and around Arras. At the German Military Cemetery, we reflected on the shared grief and loss on both sides of the conflict. The nearby Portuguese Military Cemetery highlighted the contributions and sacrifices of soldiers from Portugal. The Indian Memorial at Neuve-Chapelle commemorated the Indian soldiers who fought on the Western Front, underscoring the global nature of the conflict.

At the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, we visited the majestic monument, which honours the Canadian Corps’ valiant efforts during the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Standing atop the ridge, we felt the weight of history and the contributions of soldiers from across the world.

Our journey concluded at the Ring of Remembrance in Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. This French memorial is unique in that it lists the names of soldiers from all nations who died in the region, symbolising unity and remembrance beyond national boundaries.

Throughout the trip, we were reminded of the diverse backgrounds of the soldiers who fought in WWI. The memorials to fallen heroes from countries around the world highlighted the truly global impact of the war. This trip was an invaluable educational experience, bringing history to life and deepening our understanding of the sacrifices made by so many.

Bishop’s students attend Hatfield D-Day 80th Anniversary Event

A moving service of remembrance of the D-Day landings 80 years ago

‘When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today’.

On Thursday 6th June 2024, we were honoured to be invited to join a small group of dignitaries and members of the public to remember the D-Day landings 80 years ago. The service started with the music of a bag piper which set the tone of the event. Fr Darren Collins led the service which included readings and prayers. Hatfield Town Mayor, Councillor Shirley Asare read a poem which was followed by a two minutes silence. The service finished with prayers and the national anthem. Annie Brewster JP, High