Curriculum Statement

From the first year at Bishop’s Hatfield, all pupils experience a broad, balanced and stimulating education, offering a wide range of subjects meeting and exceeding the requirements of the National Curriculum guidelines.  Teaching methods take a variety of different forms including whole class teaching, group learning, individualised learning, debates and role play.  Many resources are available during lessons, such as the Library, interactive whiteboards, television and DVDs, computers with a full range of up to date software, a virtual learning environment (VLE) and the Internet.  In addition, theatre trips, field work and visits to museums, art galleries and places of historical, scientific and technological interest are a key part of the curriculum for all pupils.  Detailed information on courses at each Key Stage is available on the website and in the inserts at the back of the school prospectus.

If pupils find difficulty with any aspect of their learning, special provision and support is given by our Learning Support Department.  Such difficulties may include a range of learning difficulties from problems with reading and understanding to problems with spelling and handwriting.

Very able and talented pupils are encouraged to extend and develop their abilities to enable them to achieve their potential.  Such pupils are identified at an early stage and their progress is monitored in each specialist area.

British Values

Student Support & Inclusion – Local Offer 2018