Teaching Staff

Staff Name Initials Post Teaching Subjects
Anderson, Mrs Susan SMA P/T Teacher English
Asante, Ms Nana NAA Head of Science Faculty Chemistry
Blakey, Mrs Deborah DAB Teacher Biology, Chemistry
Broderick, Mrs Sarah SLB P/T Teacher English
Bune, Dr Alison AJB Joint Subject Leader KS3 Science Biology, Chemistry
Caldwell, Ms Mary MJC P/T Teacher English
Cameron, Miss Nicky NLC Subject Leader for PE PE
Cardell, Mrs Janet JCW P/T Teacher Health & Social Care
Carter, Mrs Susan SC P/T Teacher Drama & Life Skills
Chapman, Mrs Jennifer JCH P/T Teacher Art
Dudley, Mr Adrian ASD Deputy Headteacher Science
Dudley, Mrs Clare CDD Joint Head of Maths Faculty Mathematics & Computing
Fairbairn, Ms Sally SYF Head of Design Faculty Art & Design, Textiles
Fairclough, Mrs Jane JHF P/T Teacher Mathematics
Goodall, Mr Timmy TGO Teacher Computing, Life Skills
Green, Mrs Lena LGR P/T Teacher Spanish
Grossman, Miss Jaimie JJG Subject Leader for RE RE, History
Hallauer, Miss Emilie EFH Teacher French, Spanish
Herlock, Ms Samantha SJH Head of English Faculty English
Hones, Mrs Dorothy DCH P/T Teacher French, German
Hurley, Mrs Tatjana THU Teacher Mathematics
Jackson, Mrs Melissa MLJ Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of Health Faculty Life Skills, Gov & Politics
James, Mrs Elaine EMJ Head of School – Sixth Form Geography, Sociology
Johns, Mrs Rebecca RJO Head of School – KS4 English
Jonchier, Mrs Evelyne EJL Subject Leader for French French
Kench, Mr James JK Assistant Head of Sixth Form Drama
Krendel, Mr Reuben RKR Joint Subject Leader KS3 Science Physics
Langston, Mrs Victoria VCL P/T Teacher / Work-related Learning Co-ordinator / Assistant Head of School – KS3 (temporary) Geography
Lawrence, Miss Sophy SLL P/T Teacher History
Lister, Mr Simon SLI Head of Learning Support Learning Support
Lowrie, Mr William WLI Teacher Biology
Maisey, Miss Samantha SLM Teacher / Subject Leader for History (temporary) History, Sociology
Masud, Mrs Sidra SM Teacher Humanities, Law, Religious Studies
McLeman, Miss Catherine CSM Assistant Head of Sixth Form Psychology, Mathematics
Medley, Ms Vanessa VM P/T Teacher English
Morgan, Miss Danika DMO Teacher Humanities, Life Skills, Sociology
Morgan, Miss Elizabeth EAM P/T Teacher PE
Nickson, Ms Theodora TN Headteacher English, Textiles
Pandya, Mr Hemal HPA Subject Leader for History / Head of School – KS4 (maternity cover) History, Sociology
Punchard, Miss Julia JP Subject Leader for Music Music, Mathematics
Redpath, Mrs Tara TRE Teacher / BTEC Co-ordinator Health & Social Care, PE
Robinson, Mrs Jenny JSR P/T Teacher / Second in Mathematics Mathematics
Ruffhead, Mrs Janet JR Head of Humanities Faculty Geography
Ryder-Davies, Ms Lesley* LRD P/T Teacher Food
Shamsher, Mr Sarwar SSH Teacher Mathematics
Short, Mr James JAS Subject Leader for KS4 Science Physics
Shaw, Miss Keighley KSH Teacher PE
Starling, Mrs Mary MST Teacher Maths
Taylor, Mr Richard RTA Head of Languages Faculty French, German, Spanish
Terry, Mrs Hannah HTE Teacher Art and Design
Tyler, Miss Sasha STY Teacher Art
Venz, Dr Sylke SVE Assistant Headteacher German, English
Waters, Mrs Kim KW P/T Teacher PE
Watkins, Ms Louise LW Joint Head of Maths Faculty Mathematics & Computing
Watt, Mrs Susanna SJW P/T Second in English / Literacy Co-ordinator English
Webster, Mr Joseph JWE P/T Teacher Maths
Whitney, Mrs Charlotte CWH P/T Teacher Media
Wilde, Mrs Alison ALW P/T Teacher English
Williamson, Mrs Julia JWI P/T Teacher English
Wood, Mr Alfred AW Deputy Headteacher History
Woollatt, Mrs Emma ELW P/T Teacher English

*Emergency First Aider

Support Staff

Allcock, Mrs Holley HAL Librarian
Avey, Mrs Joanna JUA Finance Manager
Bassi, Mrs Michaela MB Administration Assistant (Assessment)
Braybrook, Mrs Theresa* TAB Administration Assistant (Behaviour)
Browne, Mrs Victoria VBR Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Campbell, Mrs Bianca BCA Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Clayden, Mrs Anne* AC Administration Assistant (Attendance)
Coleman, Ms Carolyn CMC Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Dalziel, Ms Christine CAD Examinations Officer / Cover Co-ordinator
Daniel, Mrs Debbie DLD School Business Manager
Day, Mrs Linda* LMD Food & Textiles Technician
Dayton, Mrs Melissa MDA Head of Year – Year 10
Ekins, Miss Hayley HEK Head of Year – Year 11
Fautrero-Sayer, Ms Isabelle IFS School Development Officer
Fisher, Mrs Sue SDF Pupil Support Centre Manager
Fullerton, Mrs Sally SF Administration Manager
Graves, Ms Dawn DGR Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Gregory, Mrs Grace* GG Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Harris, Mrs Angela AHA Art Technician
Jack, Mrs Rhonda* RJJ Administration Assistant (Assessment)
Johnson, Mrs Wendy WJ Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Jones, Mrs Anna AJO Facilities’ Manager
Jordan, Mrs Chrysanthi CJO Finance Officer
Keen, Mrs Mary Anna MKE School Counsellor
Keighley, Mrs Jillian JKE Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Lawrence, Miss Sophy SLL Head of Year – Year 9
Martin, Mrs Gillian GMA Site Assistant
McLaughlin, Mrs Wendy WMC Administration Assistant (Reprographics)
Newberry, Mrs Alison AN Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
O’Connell, Ms Elizabeth EOC Librarian
Petar, Mrs Jacqueline JHP Learning Support Assistant
Rae, Mrs Jennifer JRA Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Scarisbrick, Mrs Katy KLS Finance Officer
Solanki, Mrs Sonal SSO Cover Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant
Trendafilova, Mrs Tanya* TTR Science Technician
Underwood, Mr Saul SUN Caretaker
Walker, Ms Angela* AWA Science Technician
Welsh, Mrs Emma* EEW HR & Lettings Officer
Wilde, Mrs Alison* ALW Head of Year – Year 7
Cleaning Team
Adu, Mrs Hannah HAD School Cleaner
Holmes, Miss Nikita NHO School Cleaner
Mensah, Miss Patience PME School Cleaner
Moller, Mrs Becky BMO School Cleaner
Nassif, Ms Rachel RNA Cleaning Supervisor
Somuah, Miss Rita RSO School Cleaner
Yeboah, Miss Beatrice BYE School Cleaner
Yeboah, Miss Patricia PYE School Cleaner
RM Technician

Mason, Mr Chris




Network Manager



Ronald Batt Invigilator
Lindsey Brogan Invigilator
Jack Gardiner Invigilator
Jean Higgens Invigilator
Christine Jones Invigilator
Lesley Lambert Invigilator
Michael Long Invigilator
Stella Sidoli Invigilator
Suzy Roberts Invigilator
Diana Williamson Invigilator

*First Aiders