School Council

Each year, three Head Girls and five Senior Prefects are elected by their peers in Years 12 and 13. It is one of the Head Girls’ responsibilities to organise regular School Council Meetings which are attended by form representatives. It is the duty of the School Council Representative to gather information and ideas from the members of their form before attending the School Council Meetings.

The school council meets once every half term and school council representatives are elected by each form group and hold office for one year. The Head Girls are responsible for the work of the school council. The work of the school council is very important and feedback from school council helps drive school improvement. The school council consider issues such as:

  • Your school day (Your timetable and curriculum)
  • How do you want to learn? (Your learning)
  • Happy 2 B Here (Health, safety, bullying)
  • Getting it Right (Rewards and sanctions)
  • Extra! (After-school clubs and enrichment)

The Head Girls discuss issues raised at School Council with the Headteacher and decide on a response together. It is also the School Council’s responsibility to choose the termly Charity effort. The democratic way in which the Charity is chosen always
ensures an excellent response from our girls and they organise a wide range of form and individual Charity efforts.

We lay emphasis on involving pupils as much as possible in the running of the school by seeking their views on a wide range of issues and pupil representatives attend meetings such as those of the Equal Opportunities Committee, Health and Safety
Committee, the Food Matters group and the Library Committee. The Head Girls are also invited to Governing Body meetings.