The Music department aims to encourage all pupils to develop their creativity and improve confidence and self-esteem through composition, performance and listening.

Key Stage 3

Students investigate a wide range of music, learning how to perform and compose in a variety of styles, including the Blues and Samba. They are also taught how to read and write traditional notation and are encouraged to compose both at the computer and by playing instruments or using their voices. All students are given the opportunity to participate in concerts, productions and instrumental or vocal lessons.

Key Stage 4

The Edexcel GCSE Music syllabus is followed where students have to perform a solo and in an ensemble, compose two pieces of music and answer questions on set works in a listening examination.

Key Stage 5

A level Music is offered as part of the consortium. It is similar to the GCSE but requires a greater understanding of musical theory and students must be able to read music fluently. Set works are studied in greater depth, together with composition, performance and harmonisation skills.