The school library is staffed by qualified librarians whose aim is to provide a comprehensive selection of resources to support the National Curriculum, together with a wide range of stimulating reading material for both home and school use, and also to promote reading amongst young people for information, study and recreation.


The library’s book stock is designed to cater for the whole range of abilities found within the school, from reluctant readers to gifted and talented pupils.

Computers with access to the school intranet and the internet are available in the library for research, homework and class work. These may also be used to access the library catalogue which enables pupils to locate resources independently.

The library also houses the careers information plus a collection of prospectuses for local further education colleges.


In year 7, there is a structured programme of library lessons during which pupils are taught effective and confident use of the library’s resources and the internet, together with basic research and study skills. They also participate in a wider reading project which encourages reading both for pleasure and for information. In year 8, the girls continue to have one lesson a week in the library to encourage and maintain the reading habit and to broaden their horizons in terms of their choice of literature.


The library is open daily from 8.15 am until 4.30 pm, during which time the librarians are available to provide advice and guidance to students. The library provides a quiet place where girls can do their homework after school with all the support and resources they may need for their studies.

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Visits and Extra Curricular Activities
* Book fairs where pupils are able to buy new and used books

* Visits from well-known children’s authors giving the students an opportunity to find out more about creative writing

* A reading club for enthusiastic readers who wish to extend their range of reading material and discuss the books they have read with other members of the group