This course helps develop understanding of the way people are affected by society, and how society is affected by people. Students learn to think critically, to question common-sense assumptions, to solve problems, to work independently and as part of a group and to write a clearly structured, analytical essay.


Students follow a linear course with all examinations at the end of A2.

Students study:

In Year One:

* Education with Theory and Research Methods

* Families and households

In Year Two:

* Beliefs in Society

* Crime and Deviance with theory and research methods.

Sociologists have to do research and provide evidence for the claims they make. This may involve the use of interviews, observations, questionnaires, case studies or analysing historical documents. The course looks at how sociologists do this and the usefulness of different methods in sociological research.

Students are encouraged to use qualitative data and news analysis to experience sociology first hand and reinforce understanding of key concepts.

All students are given a textbook and encouraged to subscribe to the Sociology Review magazine and regularly read newspaper, as wider reading is essential to add depth to the concepts studied.

Visits and Extra Curricular Activities