Religious Education


* All students are taught Religious Education at Key Stage 3.

* Class sizes are approximately 32 in the first two years and smaller in Year 9. In Years 7 and 8 pupils are taught in their form classes. In year 9, pupils are taught in ability groups.

* Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 have one lesson a week.

* In Year 7 RS is taught thematically alongside Geography and History within an integrated Humanities course. There is an emphasis on group work. By the end of Year 8, we hope pupils will have an overview of the four major world religions not taught at GCSE (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism).

* In Year 9 we begin our GCSE programme; this comprises two short courses, Religion and Life and Religion and Society.


* At Key Stage Four, pupils have one or two lessons a week, depending on their other subject choices and all are entered for Full Course GCSE.

* This course focuses upon two religions – Christianity and Islam – and looks at a number of life and society issues from the perspective of these two faiths.

* The awards are purely by examination.

Post 16: A-Level Philosophy and Ethics

* All students have a number of RS lessons as part of the Life Skills programme.

* A Level students follow the OCR AS/A2 RS course on Philosophy and Ethics which links into philosophical ideas and ethical theories. We also study current ethical issues in the fields of medical ethics, sexual relationships, war and peace and environmental issues.

* Students receive five lessons of 50 minutes a week at A Level. Some lessons are taught at other schools in the consortium.

* Students are part of the Hatfield and Welwyn Consortium of schools.

* Independent learning and wider reading are actively encouraged.


There is a specialist room equipped with an interactive whiteboard and the department is well resourced with text books, DVDs and artefacts.


Visits and Extra Curricular Activities

A number of visits are arranged each year to places of worship and cultural interest. Other events take place in school. A GCSE revision club also runs in the lead up to exams.