To enable all pupils of all ages and all abilities to enjoy and understand the humanities in a co-operative working atmosphere,

To enable our pupils to develop knowledge and skills which will be useful in later life and have a lifelong interest in learning.



* KS3 Geography is taught thematically and there is an emphasis upon group project work. * All students are taught Geography as part of a combined Humanities Course in Year 7. * Class sizes are up to 32. In Years 7 and 8 pupils are taught in their form classes. * In year 9, classes are smaller and pupils are taught in ability groups. * Geography in Year 8 & Year 9 is taught over two 50 minute lessons. * In Year 8, we investigate Ecosystems, Rivers, Population, Tourism and India. * In Year 9, students study Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Development Issues, Energy and Water Resources, Discovering Glaciation and South Africa.


* At Key Stage Four, pupils can opt for Geography * The course followed is the AQA A specification * The topics studied include Coasts, Rocks and Landscapes, Living World, Population Change, Changing Rural Environments and Tourism. * There is also the opportunity of doing Field Work at Sheringham in Norfolk.


* A Level students follow the AQA A specification * At Key Stage 5 students study a range of physical and human Geography topics. * In year 12 students study: Rivers, Floods and Management, Coastal Environments, Population Change, Energy Issues and geographical skills. * In year 13 students study: Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards, Ecosystems: Change and Challenge, Development and Globalisation and geographical skills. * Students receive five lessons of 50 minutes a week * Students have the opportunity of going on a residential fieldwork trip to the Lake District (year 12) and Swanage (year 13). * Students have five lessons a week of 50 minutes’ duration. * Independent learning and wider reading is actively encouraged.


There is a specialist room equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers. A wide range of current text books and DVDs are used as well as specific GCSE and A Level software.

Visits and Extra Curricular Activities

A number of visits are arranged each year to places of geographical significance such as to St. Albans, Kew Gardens, Hatfield House, the Natural History Museum, Norfolk, the Lake District and Swanage.

We have strong links with schools in Germany, India and Kenya. Students have the opportunity to take part in collaborative projects at KS3 and KS4.