The food course for Key Stage 3 aims to educate pupils about healthy eating using the Eatwell plate. They learn a range of practical cookery skills enabling them to cook a variety of dishes. By the end of year 9 pupils will have built up a repertoire of recipes and have a solid skill base. If they take the subject at GCSE they will further develop their practical skills learning how to make more complex dishes. They will study nutrition, meal planning, and food science as well as practical cookery.


KS3 Food


Year 7

Main areas of study

Safety & hygiene, using kitchen equipment including all sections of the cooker, knife skills. Introduction to the eatwell plate, healthy eating and the importance of fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet and how to prepare fruit and vegetables. Simple methods of cake making.


Year 8

Main areas of study

Safety and hygiene, safe food storage. Healthy eating and the cereals, milk and dairy foods and foods high in fat and sugar sections of the Eatwell plate. Sauce making, cake making and recipe adaptation. Pupils begin to choose their own recipes to cook in the practical sessions.


Year 9

Main areas of study

The meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein section of the Eatwell plate. Food from other countries – investigation in depth. Nutrition, food allergies and intolerances, vegetarian diets and special diets. How to read food labels in order to make healthy food choices. Development of practical skills including pastry making, sauce making and knife skills.


GCSE Catering Year 10

Pupils will make a selection of different dishes where they will learn and practice new skills and use a wide range of tools and equipment. They will cover all aspects of hygiene and safety legislation relating to the hospitality and catering industry. They will study The Industry; Food Preparation, Production and Presentation; Communication and Record Keeping; Nutrition and Menu Planning.

The course has two practical exams, the first one is 2.5 hours long and takes place in Year 10 and it is worth 20% of the final grade. The exam requires pupils to plan, prepare, cook, serve and evaluate a variety of dishes appropriate to a given task.


GCSE Catering Year 11

Pupils will develop and extend their practical skills and knowledge of food by preparing, cooking and presenting a variety of dishes. They will study Jobs, Employment and Training; Health, Safety and Hygiene; Food Preparation, Production and Presentation; Costing and Portion Control; Specialist Equipment; Environmental Considerations.

The second practical exam is 3 hours long and takes place in Year 11, it is worth 40% of the final grade, the practical exams together are worth 60% and the theory paper is worth 40% of the final grade.




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