At Bishop’s Hatfield we put great emphasis on literacy across all areas of the curriculum and school life.

Within all classes literacy is promoted, and work is marked using consistent symbols to ensure that pupils understand and can act upon the teacher’s comments. Literacy excellent awards are also given by teachers from Year 7-11 for written pieces of work that meet appropriate writing levels for each year. Literacy ambassadors within Year 7 forms are responsible for highlighting the use of literacy and general written and spoken communication within the form.

Word of the week focuses upon key technical terms within subjects and half termly quizzes from Year 7-11 are used to recap and even test understanding and knowledge of these terms.

To reinforce wider whole school literacy we have posters on form and staff room doors to publicly show and promote what each of us is ready. Frequent grammatical mistakes are corrected in posters on the back of toilet doors to promote accuracy in our writing.


Visits and Extra Curricular Activities

* The Rotary Club public speaking group competes yearly in local and regional competitions.

* Year 9 visit the Warner Brothers Studios yearly to participate in Media activities within the Harry Potter Studios.

* Year 7 and 8 participate in a sponsored reading challenge each year.

* Theatre visits are regularly organised, including a yearly visit to the Globe Theatre.

* Gifted and Talented workshops are regularly organised for all years.

* GCSE and A-level Revision classes are organised.