The aim of the English Department is to enable all students to communicate and comprehend the English Language and to foster an enjoyment of reading.



* Students are taught English in mixed ability groups in Years 7 and have 3 x 50 minute lessons per week. Year 7s also have one 50 minute library lesson. * In Years 8 and 9, students are taught English in mixed bands for Humanities and Languages and have 4 x 50 minute lessons per week


* In Years 10 and 11, students are taught in ability groups for English. All girls study English Language and English Literature. * Depending on option choices, GCSE students will have either 4 or 5 x 50 minute lessons per week. * We follow the AQA GCSE syllabus for both Languages and Literature.


* We follow the AQA B specification for English Literature, which ia a 2 year linear course. * There are approximately 15-20 students in each group in years 12 and 13. * Students have 5 x 50 minute lessons per week


* There are 4 dedicated English classrooms, two of which are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, whilst two are equipped with projectors.

* We have a range of technology for use in the department, including digital cameras, video cameras, Kindles and stand-alone televisions and DVD players.

* A wide range of texts and text books are used in teaching across the spectrum.

Visits/Extra Curricular:

* The Rotary Club public speaking group competes yearly in local and regional competitions.

* Year 9 visit the Warner Brothers Studios yearly to participate in Media activities within the Harry Potter Studios.

* Year 7 and 8 participate in a sponsored reading challenge each year.

* Theatre visits are regularly organised, including a yearly visit to the Globe Theatre.

* Gifted and Talented workshops are regularly organised for all years.

* GCSE and A-level Revision classes are organised.

Further Information

To study A-level English Literature, students must gain at least a B-grade in GCSE English Literature and English language.

Visits and Extra Curricular Activities