Learning Support


BHGS believes that every pupil is entitled to the education that is most appropriate to her ability and best suited to her strengths and needs. The aim of the Learning Support Faculty is therefore to coordinate and assist teachers in the provision of support for individuals, groups and classes so that the most appropriate education can be provided for all pupils.


The Learning Support Faculty supports pupils who are on the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice and those with social, emotional and/or behavioural needs. In December 2014 the number of pupils on the SEN Register was 59, consisting of:

1 with statement of Special Educational Needs

58 at SEN Support

Support is provided in the following ways:

* General in-class support by Learning Support Assistants across the curriculum (the main focus of this is on lower sets, and core subjects);

* In-class support for specific pupils according to need and provision of funding;

* Small group support (literacy, numeracy and learning skills) to selected girls in Years 7, 8 and 9. This support takes place during the timetable slot of one Modern Foreign Language, thus providing two lessons of support per week;

* Years 10 and 11 Support Option groups for pupils who have elected for a Support Option in place of a GCSE subject. Girls in these groups complete the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) as well as receiving support;

* Individual support for a few pupils who are following a modified curriculum;

* Individual counselling and mentoring through a school counsellor and mentors;

* Lunch time Homework Support and Reading Clubs;

* After school SEN Homework Club 4 evenings per week;

* Support through a dedicated Pupil Support Centre (PSC) (learning and behaviour). This includes provision for:

o Year 11 pupils who have dropped one or more GCSE subjects

o pupils who are returning to school from a fixed term exclusion

o pupils who are on internal exclusion

o pupils who are having difficulty in a particular subject area

o pupils who are upset or in crisis

o school ‘refusers’ and those attending on a part-time basis

* PSC/Support Group-based teaching of Entry Level/Functional Skills English and/or Mathematics as needed.


Present accommodation for the Faculty is:

* a SENCO office;

* one Learning Support teaching room in the main school building;

* two purpose-built (Portakabin) classrooms housing the PSC;

* Access to a Support Room for part-time use by the School Counsellor (2 days per week) and Learning Support Assistant /Mentors.

A wide range of up to date SEN resources has been purchased over recent years and the Faculty is well equipped.



Further Information can be obtained from Mrs Partington, Head of Learning Support.

Please see also questions, answers and information in our ‘Local Offer’ document, also on the website.

Visits and Extra Curricular Activities


Learning Support staff members regularly accompany pupils on trips so that pupils with special educational needs can be included fully in the life of the school.