This course helps develop understanding of how laws are made, how the British legal system works and how it affects the individual. Students gain a greater understanding of legal principles, and a critical awareness of how the law operates and its role in society. Students learn about a range of legal areas from our experienced staff in our well-equipped classrooms. Studying Law provides students with easily transferable skills for future study and employment.


Students learn how the legal system works and how it affects the individual. By the end of the course you will have developed knowledge and understanding of legal principles, sources of law, the machinery of justice and legal personnel.

In Year one, students learn about:

* law making and the legal system: the different ways in which law is created, the sources of law, the various influences that lead to a change in law by parliament and how the legal system works

* the concept of liability: what is required to be guilty of a crime, what is required for a successful civil action in negligence, criminal sentencing and civil sanctions

In Year two, students learn about:

* criminal law: murder, manslaughter, non-fatal offences against the person, theft, robbery, burglary, fraud and possible defences, negligence and various concepts of law such as: law and morality

* concepts of Law: law and morality, law and justice, balancing conflicting rights, fault, judicial creativity

Students are assessed through examinations at the end of AS (Year 12) and A2 (Year 13).