Head’s Welcome Message

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School is a high-achieving academy with a distinctive ethos, enabling girls to succeed in and enjoy their learning. We are incredibly proud of our pupils and their achievements which continue to improve year on year.

Visitors frequently tell us that their first impression of the school is of a friendly, lively and stimulating community where we emphasise the importance of the individual’s contribution and take pleasure in sharing and celebrating achievement. They commend the good behaviour of the girls and their thirst for knowledge.


Bishop’s girls benefit from expert teaching and whilst our academic results are impressive, we continue to strive for further improvement, setting challenging but achievable targets for all the girls, irrespective of their starting points.

We recognise and praise achievement at all levels of ability believing that girls succeed best when we have made clear our high expectations of them. These reflect our core values:

  • Ambition – by striving for excellence in their learning and participation
  • Trust and Teamwork – by working independently and as a member of a team
  • Respect and Kindness – by displaying considerate and sensitive behaviour towards all
  • Honesty – by taking pride in their personal integrity and standards

Bishop’s is a community that offers mutual support and encouragement and expects everyone within it to respect others’ cultures, religion and beliefs. We hope that the values, self-discipline and sense of personal worth that girls gain here will be a support throughout their lives as British and Global Citizens.


Please visit us and see for yourselves how our girls learn in a vibrant, supportive environment and why we have such pride in them.

Theodora Nickson


Theo 2

“Pupils’ personal development is a jewel in the crown of this school” Ofsted 2016