The aim of the History Department is to encourage interest in and enjoyment of the past. We achieve this through a range of activities and learning styles and encourage pupils to creatively explore events and people that have filled our past and to shape our future.


* All students are taught History as part of a combined Humanities Course in Year 7.

* All students study History until at least Year 9.

* Some Year 9 pupils are taught History as part of a combined Humanities course.

* Students are taught in their form classes in Year 7 and 8. In Year 9 they are grouped by ability in smaller classes.

* Humanities in Year 7 is taught over four 50 minute lessons.

* Humanities in Year 9 is taught over five 50 minute lessons.

* History in Year 8 & Year 9 is taught over two 50 minute lessons.


KS3: Year 7 – as part of their combined humanities course, pupils learn about the Roman civilization; life in Medieval England 1066-1500 including the battle for the crown of England; and finally the impact of the Black Death and Great Plague. Year 8 – students study the reigns of the Tudor and Stuart Monarchies and the Trade Expansion and Empire of Britain linked to the impact of the Industrial Revolution. Year 9 – students study the First World War; The rise of Hitler and life in Nazi Germany; the Second World War; and finally the History of Black Peoples and the impact of the slave trade.


KS4: At Key Stage 4 students follow the OCR specification and more details can be found at www.ocr.org.uk Students study three different topics, including an in-depth study of The American West 1840-1895, Medicine Through Time and a study of an aspect of Global Terrorism – which culminates in candidates writing a controlled assessment piece. This curriculum is taught in three lessons a week of 50 minutes’ duration.


KS5: At A Level students follow the AQA linear specification. The topics studied at A Level include Germany 1918-1945, The Tudors 1485-1603 and Civil Rights in America 1861-1968. There are two exams at the end of the second year and also a 3,500 word coursework essay. * Students have five lessons a week of 50 minutes’ duration. * Independent learning and wider reading is actively encouraged.