Government and Politics

The teaching of Politics at Bishop’s centres on debate and analysis, and provides a disciplined training for all humanities courses at university, whilst giving a particular insight into current affairs and political systems. In the first year the course focuses on British politics including topics such as democracy and political participation; pressure groups; elections; political parties; the constitution; the judiciary; parliament and the Prime Minster and the cabinet.

In the second year you will have the chance to study international politics. This involves looking at how countries work with, or against, each other; the reasons for conflicts; global issues like poverty, climate change and human rights; the power of the USA and the ‘War on Terror’ and the role of international organizations like the United Nations and the European Union.

Politics is a subject which requires up-to-date knowledge and students must be prepared to supplement your knowledge with material from newspapers, journals, television and the internet. This is one subject where watching TV and reading a quality newspaper is a key element of study!


Visits and Extra Curricular Activities

As part of the course we attend many trips including to the Houses of Parliament, Europe House, Question Time debates and Model United Nation competitions.

Year 13 Government and Politics students also have the opportunity to go on a trip to Paris for Your Future in Europe Politics Conference.

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