To enable all pupils of all ages and all abilities to enjoy and understand the humanities in a co-operative working atmosphere,

To enable our pupils to develop knowledge and skills which will be useful in later life and have a lifelong interest in learning.



* KS3 Geography is taught thematically and there is an emphasis upon group project work. * All students are taught Geography as part of a combined Humanities Course in Year 7. * Class sizes are up to 32. In Years 7 and 8 pupils are taught in their form classes. * In year 9, classes are smaller and pupils are taught in ability groups. * Geography in Year 8 & Year 9 is taught over two 50 minute lessons. * In Year 8, we investigate Ecosystems, Rivers, Population, Tourism and India. * In Year 9, students study Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Development Issues, Energy and Water Resources, Discovering Glaciation and South Africa.


* At Key Stage Four, pupils can opt for Geography * The course followed is the AQA A specification * The topics studied include Coasts, Rocks and Landscapes, Living World, Population Change, Changing Rural Environments and Tourism. * There is also the opportunity of doing Field Work at Sheringham in Norfolk.


* A Level students follow the AQA A specification * At Key Stage 5 students study a range of physical and human Geography topics. * In year 12 students study: Rivers, Floods and Management, Coastal Environments, Population Change, Energy Issues and geographical skills. * In year 13 students study: Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards, Ecosystems: Change and Challenge, Development and Globalisation and geographical skills. * Students receive five lessons of 50 minutes a week * Students have the opportunity of going on a residential fieldwork trip to the Lake District (year 12) and Swanage (year 13). * Students have five lessons a week of 50 minutes’ duration. * Independent learning and wider reading is actively encouraged.


There is a specialist room equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers. A wide range of current text books and DVDs are used as well as specific GCSE and A Level software.