Form Officials

Each Form democratically elects a Form Captain, a Vice Captain and a charity committee representative by secret ballot.  They hold their posts for one term.  Each Form also elects a School Council representative who will hold the position for the year. The election of the School Council representative takes place at the start of the Summer Term to enable their term of office to match that of the Head Girls. The Form or Vice Captain attends School Council meetings with the School Council representative.

Each Form also elects a Games Captain.  She is given specific responsibilities by the PE staff, but duties may include organising teams for Inter-Form matches.  The Games Captain elected in the Autumn Term holds the post for two terms.  The Games Captain elected in the Summer Term holds her post for the Summer Term only.

Responsibilities of Form Captain and Vice Captain

Form Groups should be looking for good leadership qualities in their elected representatives, especially with regard to behaviour and conduct and the example they set others in the Form Group.  They may have specific responsibilities for:

  • Helping the Form Tutor and Year 12/13 Form Prefects in the organisation of Form Assemblies.
  • Helping arrange (the Form Charity Event and) the Form Assembly.
  • Helping the charity committee representative to arrange the Form Charity Event
  • Organising and maintaining the Form Noticeboard.
  • Reading out Yellow Pages to the Form Group.
  • Organising the implementation of the food bin rota in the form room.
  • General upkeep and tidiness of the Form Room and Cloakroom area.

Responsibilities of the School Council Representative

The School Council representative needs to be someone who is reliable, able to listen to others and also to communicate her Form Group’s views in School Council meetings.

She will have specific responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that School Council agendas have been discussed within the Form group prior to School Council meetings.
  • Attending all School Council meetings along with the Form Captain and putting forward the views of the Form Group.
  • Ensuring that views expressed in the meetings represent the whole Form  Group’s view and are related to the school in general.
  • Giving feedback to Form from School Council meetings.
  • Reading all minutes and the Senior Leadership Team’s response and keeping up-to-date with School Council news.

Responsibilities of the Charity Committee Representative

The Charity Committee representative needs to be someone who is reliable, organised and responsible. She will have specific responsibility for:

  • Attending all Charity Committee meetings and putting forward the views of the form group.
  • Giving feedback to the Form from Charity Committee meetings.
  • Helping the Form arrange charity events with the assistance of the Form Tutor, Form Prefect and Senior Prefect.
  • Helping the Charity Committee arrange whole-school charity events.
  • Taking all monies raised from charity events to the Finance Office.
  • Reading all minutes and keeping up-to-date with charity news.

Officials’ Badges

At the end of term badges may be kept by pupils upon payment of £1. Otherwise, badges must be returned when requested.  Girls who do not return badges will be charged £1.