Excellent A level results: August 2016 – 100% pass rate!

exams39.11% of grades at A*/A
58.66% of grades at A*-B

Students, staff and parents at Bishop’s are celebrating another set of excellent A level results, yet again improving on the previous year.
Outstanding achievers include:
 Sarah Avery – Politics A*, Geography A and History A – Politics with Economics at Bath University
 Ellie Heyman – Politics A*, History A and Religious Studies A – Philosophy, Politics and Economics at King’s College, University of London
 Katie Hudson – Geography A*, History A and Politics A – gap year (completing a TEFL course)
 Eleanor Lister – Geography A, History A and Psychology A – History at University College, London
 Maddie Slader – English Literature A*, History A* and Psychology A* – History at Oxford University

Whether they are progressing to Higher Education (university courses ranging from History at Oxford, Chemical Engineering at Nottingham to Zoology at Southampton – most girls securing their first choices), employment based training or taking a gap year, we wish all our girls the very best of luck in their futures.

We were also very pleased with the Year 12 AS results which bode well for even further improvement and success for next year.

All our girls are to be congratulated on their dedication and commitment to their studies which have produced such brilliant results alongside the relentless support offered by their teachers.