Exam Results

 We are currently updating our 2017 exam results – Please bear with us.

  • A Level results 2016 – 100% pass rate!

100% pass rate for our 2016 A Level results, yet again improving on the previous year, with over 58% of the grades being above a B; 39% of the grades were A* or A! Excellent Year 12 AS results too.

Year 13 Subject Results 2016

  • GCSE results 2016 – Best ever recorded by the school.

An astounding 79.12% of girls achieved 5A*-C grades inc. English and Maths. Overall, 21.46% of all GCSE grades were either A* or A, with exceptional success in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Geography and History, in addition to excellent English and Maths achievements.

A special mention should be made of our EBACC score of 47.25% (measures girls achieving 6 A*-C grades in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a Modern Foreign Language and either History or Geography) as the latter three are not compulsory at GCSE.

The important figure that the government will be scrutinizing this year is the critical statistic called Progress 8 which evaluates the progress that students have made during their secondary schooling. Some subjects are double counted (English and Maths) as they are considered most important for future employability; subjects such as Science, Humanities and Languages also carry more weight in the analysis. The expectation is that most schools will sit somewhere between -0.5 and 0.5 for their Progress 8 score with 0 signifying progress made as expected. Schools falling below -0.5 cause concern whilst those above 0.5 are exceptional (a very small percentage qualifies here). Our figure for this year is 0.32 putting us close to the top end and further supporting our Ofsted judgement.

Subject Results 2016 GCSE

GCSE Comparative Results 2016 Information