A new course in Computing has been developed for teaching from September 2014 for all Key Stage 3 pupils.

Topics taught will include e-safety, algorithms, computational thinking and programming using Scratch, Logo and Python, the hardware and software that make up a computer, HTML and webpage design, the binary system and its use in computing, game design, spreadsheet modelling, graphics and sound.

GCSE Computer Science will be available from September 2017, when the new specification is introduced. A level Computing is also available within the subjects offered by the Welwyn Hatfield Sixth Form Consortium.

There are two IT rooms which are used for lessons in Computing and further rooms which can be booked for use in other subject lessons. Each is furnished with 32 high specification work stations, an interactive whiteboard and projector.


Visits and Extra Curricular Activities

As part of their extra curricular activities, pupils are offered a trip to visit Bletchley Park where they get a chance to explore mathematical encryption and encoding techniques that have been used throughout history.