Child Protection, Safeguarding & eSafety

Child Protection /Safeguarding

The school works in partnership with parents/carers to support children in every way possible. However, all schools have a clear responsibility placed on them by the Children Act 1989 and guidance from the Department for Education to safeguard the welfare of all their pupils. In doing so, schools are expected to consult with Hertfordshire’s Children’s Services if they believe there is a possibility that a child may be suffering from abuse or neglect.

A referral to Children’s Services is not intended to be an accusation of any particular action or against any particular person. It is the reporting of concerns that have come to the school’s attention. This is in accordance with Hertfordshire’s Child Protection Procedures.

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School has a Child Protection Policy and a copy of Hertfordshire Area Child Protection Procedures, both of which are available for parents/carers to see.

Are you the victim of abuse and need information on who can help, then please click here:  Herts SARC Poster 2017-18 and here: HERTS SARC Leaflet 2017-18

Mr Dudley is the Designated Senior Person for Child Protection. He will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns parents/carers may have about Child Protection policies and practice.    Click here for more information:   Child Protection

Prevent Strategy

Prevent is one of the four elements of CONTEST, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. The Prevent Strategy:

  • Responds to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism, and the threat we face from those that promote these views;
  • Provides practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensures they are given appropriate advice and support;
  • Works with a wide range of sectors (including education, criminal justice, faith, charities, online and health) where there are risks to radicalisation that we need to deal with.     Click here  for more information: BHGS Prevent Strategy


For information on how to promote healthy and safe online activity, please click here: eSafety Information for Parents_July 2017

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