Admissions Policy

Arrangements for Admissions

Parents/carers who would like to see the school during the day when normal lessons are taking place can make an appointment by telephoning the school office. The number of places available in September 2015 was 150. The number of applications for a place at the school was 398. The school’s current admissions’ policy is that of the Local Authority which administers it. The criteria for admissions for single sex schools, which are only applied when there are more applications than places, are:

  1. Children in public care, and children who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school.
  2. Children for whom it can be demonstrated that they have a particular medical or social need to go to the school.
  3. Children who have a brother or sister who will be in the school at the time of admission. A sibling means the sister, brother, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, or the child of the parent/carer or partner, and in every case living in the same house Monday to Friday.
  4. Children who live in the priority area. Places will be allocated to each parish/unparished area or town in proportion to the number of applications made. In the event of there being more applications than places available to a particular parish/unparished area or town, places will be allocated in the following order:
    1. to those for whom it is their nearest Hertfordshire non-faith maintained school, making provision for the children of the relevant gender, (if more children qualify under rule 4i than places, the tiebreak would be those closest to the school)
    2. any remaining places available to a parish/unparished area or town, on a random basis.
  5. Children living outside of the priority area on a random basis.

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