Enrichment Opportunities

Find out about the range of clubs and activities on offer at BHGS here.

Throughout the year, each faculty also runs events and activities to enhance learning, see Learning on our homepage.


Enrichment Clubs

Taking part in an after school club is a great way of making friends, learning new skills and practising for events such as sports matches or music and drama shows. We run an extensive programme of enrichment clubs and activities. These run every day after school, except Tuesdays. An Enrichment Booklet and Timetable of Activities is published every term. We hope that every pupil will participate in at least one club a week.

Click here for details of this term’s clubs: 

Enrichment Clubs Booklet – Autumn 2018

Enrichment Clubs Timetable – Autumn 2018

Science Enrichment  

Take a look here for our weekly review of our enrichment clubs:

Club Spotlight 10th Sept 2018


Enrichment Week

Enrichment Week takes place in the last week of the Summer Term. There is a daily programme for each year group, including days out, team building exercises and creative activities. We also run overseas visits during this week. Year 8 have the opportunity to visit the World War One battlefields, Year 9 can go to France and Germany for a languages visit and Year 10 have a chance to go to Iceland.

Details about all of these activities will be published during the year.